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Boston Globe: Skateboarding New England

Southern California certainly has it easy when it comes to skateboarding. They don't know about snow-shovels and sub-zero weather they way we do in the North East. It's easy to see why Cali is a mecca for skaters, but I wouldn't be able to deal without the changing seasons.

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The Boston Globe | July 22, 2009

Compressed Air - Less practice, fewer facilities in some locales - By Ben Collins

Bob Burnquist is sprawling across a hammock in southern California. In the background, there are faint playful noises of his 2-year-old daughter and the sound of a light breeze. Burnquist will compete in the ISF World Championships of Skateboarding Saturday at TD Garden, and on this afternoon, he's overlooking a series of ramps, a deep concave bowl, and a rail to nowhere, 30 feet off the ground.

It's a reminder of the time he grinded a similar rail that dipped off the Grand Canyon, into nothing, and parachuted to the surface. He has a replica canyon in his backyard, which he calls his compound. He will practice anytime he well pleases.

But there are others who don't have a place to skate nearly half the year.

Burnquist is one of the lucky ones. For local skaters such as Andy MacDonald, practice sites often aren't as nice - or readily available.

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