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Skate Tools

When you hear the term "skate tool", one instantly thinks of a portable (aka crappy) device allegedly capable of solving all hardware needs. These compact tools are available from several manufacturers, but are only part of the needed tools for really working on and tuning your board. This article will focus on the complete set of tools that you will need at home to fix and tune EVERYTHING.

Starting with the compact tools...
I usually have 3 different compact skate tools in my bag when I'm on the go. I always have one for tightening standard trucks and one for the GrindKing style kingpin. Nothing is worse than discovering I don't have the right truck tool. My third is the Alien Workshop tool - its the only one that's flat and even has a bearing puller. Can't beat that - fits in my pocket and doesn't buldge like the "T-shaped" tools.

Compact Skate Tool Images

Alien Workshop Zip Tool

Alien Workshop Zip Tool

GrindKing Skate Tool

GrindKing Skate Tool

Schmitt Fix Stix Tool

Schmitt FixStix Tool

However, these all-in-one tools are not comprehensive enough to really tune up a board and care for all the integral parts. Don't get me wrong - they're great for a quick fix, but you need to have a complete set of tools at home to do it all.

The Home-based Work Shop

Lots of people - guys in particular - get heavily into their toolsets, making sure they have every conceivable tool for every conceivable job. They have workbenches and garages full of tools for the car, house and boat. So, what makes you think a compact skate tool will be enough? It won't be - for most things.

Here's a list of the tools (and oddities) I like to keep around:

Crappy Phillips-head Screwdriver
I use the least expensive one I can find to grind the edges of newly instlled grip tape before cutting away the excess. I get a phillips-head so I can also use it to poke holes through the grip for the truck bolts.
Box Cutter
For cutting away excess grip tape.
Socket Wrench Set
Don't use pliers or vice-grips to tighten or remove ANYTHING. They always screw up the nuts.
Bearing Press
They're not inexpensive, but once you have one, you'll never know how you lived without it. Aids in both installation and removal of bearings.

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