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Sole Technology Institute - biomechanics research dedicated to the study of skateboarding

You're not going to believe this. I'm not sure I believe this. I read about this organization in a short blurb in Wired Magazine discussing their dedication to developing technology and providing solutions to enhance performance and prevent injury in action sports. Sounds kind of sci-fi, eh? Or perhaps like an elaborate joke foisted on those who think this is real. Hard to say for sure.

Ever drop off a ledge or a rail and land in a manner that made you say, "Ouch"? Did you blame your skills, your board, your shoes? Well, no more. The Sole Technology Institute (STI) is on a mission to ensure the research they conduct will be used to promote longevity, reduce the risk of injury, and improve the performance of skateboarders around the world. Thus eliminating shoes as the culprit in skateboard related aches and pains.

Their web site is as priceless as it is pretentious. They sound so serious. I'm all for making a better shoe or improving upon any product, but they have opted to go the Six Million Dollar Man route by being ultra serious, sporting a black& white site and using global terminology as if some guy shooting a ditch in Brazil gives a damn.

Apparently, STI studies have revealed conclusive evidence that the impact of skateboarding on the body is purely unfathomable (this is the word THEY used - lol) in comparison to other physical activities. STI Research Development has been very busy experimenting with new technologies that will help reduce the risk of injury without compromising board feel or control. The first of these technologies is System G2™, the first ever skateboarding-specific technology to be developed through the biomechanics research of skateboarding.

System G2™ has been proven extremely effective in the absorption of impact, again without the compromise of board manipulation. Furthermore, System G2™ technology is very resilient and lasts much longer than other commonly used shock absorption materials such as EVA.

The enormous impact forces generated during skateboarding push pressures underneath the foot to the limits and can cause over-stress injuries. With the latest cutting-edge research from STI in hand, STI designers and engineers created new STI Foam™ footbeds to help relieve these pressures. STI's research allowed them to specify exactly how much force and pressure needed to be absorbed and told them precisely where to place key support elements to spare the delicate structures of the foot.

Hasn't Dr. Scholls already laid the groundwork for putting comfy insoles inside our shoes? Hell, Dr. Scholls even has insoles for women's high heels. Top that, STI. Wouldn't this accelerate female athletes if they didn't have to change their shoes when the need to skate comes shortly after a formal affair?

But that's not enough. They also tested dozens of materials to find those unique systems that absorb the most pressure and maintain their special cushioning properties for hours upon hours of skating. STI Foam™ footbeds can be found exclusively in all etnies, éS and Emerica footwear products.

Not even NASA is as pretentious as these guys and NASA put a man on the moon in 1969 and sent probes to the outer regions of our solar system. So STI is on the prowl to ensure your next acid-drop doesn't result in swollen ankle. Hmm... ok.

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