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Stink Foot » Taking the Stink out of Skate Shoes

Smelly feet? Don't worry, we all have ‘em. If you have feet, it is understood that they will occasionally reek. Not that we endorse or savor the stink, we simply understand it's existence as a part of having feet.

It's when your shoes smell as bad as your feet that we draw the line. But there's hope. You can get rid of the foul odor of skate shoes.

Let's discuss the source - your feet. Most modern shoes are designed to breathe - a little bit - by allowing air to flow into the shoe. This helps, but you should also wear socks and use foot spray or powder. Bare feet in a shoe makes for a shorter shoe-life and many noxious odors. We're not advocating knee-high socks. Ankle socks do the trick. You just need an absorbent layer between your foot and your shoe. Before putting on your shoes, dump in a small amount of foot powder or spray.

Powder and sprays, along with socks, will help, but once the damage is done - pull out the stops and kill those stank shoes.

Sanitizing your canvas shoes

You may be thinking of tossing your shoes into the washing machine. That's OK if they're canvas, but are you really going to expect $100 leather shoes to survive water and detergent? Hell no! Don't do it. Here's a 2-step process for those canvas shoes involving a bit of freezing.

Buy a box of large zip-lock freezer bags. Unless you have huge feet, one shoe should fit in a large bag. If you have huge feet, use two bags per shoe and tape up any gaps. You know when something has gone bad in the fridge when you open the door and are knocked over by the smell of rotten food. That smell will permeate everything in your fridge. This is why we use zip-lock bags or seal two bags with tape.

As you may have guessed, we're going to freeze our shoes. Sealing them in bags prevents the stink-foot stench from invading your food. Nothing makes a burger taste worse than the subtle stench of foot odor. So, seal your canvas shoes in bags and put them in the freezer overnight. This kills nearly all the smell-causing bacteria throughout the shoe.

The next day, take them out and let them thaw for a few hours. Next, dump them in the wash with a very small amount of mild detergent. Don't mix them with any other laundry as the rubber soles can damage clothing and other stuff. Wash them on the gentle cycle and take them out to dry. Don't put them in the clothes dryer, let them air dry.

They should now smell much better and shouldn't need another treatment until you can no longer tolerate the stench.

Sanitizing your leather, suede or non-canvas shoes

The process is nearly the same...
Bag ‘em, freeze ‘em overnight and let them thaw. The difference is DON'T WASH THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE!

After they thaw from the overnight freezing, leave them out until they are completely dry. Go Skate! Water and detergent will screw up most non-canvas shoes and the freezing process will kill most of the stench.

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