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Twitter Your Skate Scene

March 23, 2009

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It started with everyone having a web site (they still do). Now it's extended to everyone having a blog. Twitter is helping to solve the problem of too much info.

Twitter might be described as a mini blog. Each entry is limited to 140 characters. It lets you tell people what you're doing right now. That doesn't seem like a lot of space in which to convey anything, but you'd be surprised at how efficient it can be

Anyone who "follows" you (reads your posts on Twitter) will see what you post, but it's still a powerful way to get info to a large group.

What if you want your crew to meet up at the local skate shop for a session. Are you going to call everyone with the details? Hell no. Jump on Twitter, with your cell, and post a message for everyone to meet at the shop. The message can be delivered to your friend's phones and the word gets out.

Skateboard Twitter Users

There are a surprising number of skateboard companies on Twitter as well as skaters. It's a good way to stay in touch since it can interact with your phone. Naturally, there are a lot of whackos out there so don't be a moron and send out a call to your secret spot.

The kinds of people and companies you'll find posting on Twitter is very diverse. As of this writing You'll find a lot of skate industry folks on Twitter. Twitter has Vans, DC Shoes, eS, Ollie Pop, The Skateboard Mag, Thrasher Magazine and Skate Daily just to name a few. Pro skater Rob Dyrdek has a Twitter account as does artist, Andy Jenkins. Hell, Ozzy has a page on Twitter you can follow!

If you like following pornstars, there are a lot of them sharing their daily grind - no pun intended - with those who follow them on Twitter. You'll find the likes of Jenna Haze, Hillary Scott, Mandy Lynn, Lexi Love, Gina Lynn, Nina Hartley and even Ron Jeremy on Twitter.

Go Mobile with Twitter

The key to making Twitter useful is setting it up for your mobile device - your phone. This way you can send and receive tweets - Twitter messages - from your crew about your scene. Since you can selectively pick which Twitter users will be forwarded to your phone via text-message, you don't have to worry about a ton of crap hitting your phone every ten minutes.

Give Twitter a try and see if it doesn't help organize your skate antics with a little less mayhem. Don't forget to Tweet someone about bringing the beer!

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