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Western Hat Helmet - Cowboys sacrifice style to combat skateboarding's anti-helmet attitude

Western Hat Helmet

Does any skater wear a helmet these days?
Any skateboard magazine you open will illustrate numerous death-defying tricks being performed without a helmet. I've watched skate videos that made me want to helmet-up. Just the thought of crunching my noggin keeps me pretty well padded during most skate sessions. But all those pads (among other things) greatly diminishes my cool-factor according to popular media these days.

Call me a pussy, but I value my head over the public's opinion on skateboard fashion. But all is not lost. The clever inventors at Troxel Helmets have come up with a solution. Got that Wild West spirit ready to burst out? Maybe you need to represent your culture (or inner-dork) and wear a cowboy hat when you skate...

That's right. You can now buy a stylish cowboy hat with a helmet built in to it. How's that for style? OK, in some places this garb will result in a beating, but you gotta admit it's different.

From the Troxel web site:
The revolutionary Western Hat Helmet integrates a traditional cowboy hat and ASTM/SEI certified protection. The system consists of a premium wool felt cowboy hat fitting over an ultra-low profile helmet.

If you're wondering why you haven't seen this in the latest Active and CCS catalogs or advertised in Thrasher, it's because it isn't a skateboard product. "WTF?" you ask. Well, its actually an equestrian helmet. Some of us like to take falls down handrails and vert ramps while others have a craving to fall off a horse. This odd helmet is actually for those latter folks who fall off horses.

Cowboy Roller Blader

Don't worry. If you're one of those safety-conscious "western" types who likes to wear ten-gallon hats (and chaps?) while you skate, Troxel Helmets have got you covered!

Imagine the attention you'll get when you roll up to your local skate park or spot wearing your spiffy western hat helmet. You'll be the envy of everyone who likes to rassle cattle and strut around a dud-ranch. If you also want to grind rails and ollie benches, combine the two and lasso your courage to wear a western hat helmet at your next skate session.

We think this is a huge new movement to embrace cowboy-culture while killing the gnar in a safe manner. Buck the trend, be an outlaw and slap those curbs western style. Giddyap to your local skate shop (make sure your horse is properly tied and your six-shooter is holstered) and ask them to carry a full line of Western Hat Helmets. The world needs more crusaders like you... to populate the server space at YouTube.

Show off your inner cowboy and get everyone to sport a Western Hat Helmet. Skate and Deploy, doggies!

This website accepts no responsibility or liability if you are savagely beaten while wearing your Western Hat Helmet in any skate or non-skate situation. For the uninitiated, this is what we call humor.

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