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Wooden Canvas » Let a blank deck inspire your next artistic masterpiece

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I always wished I had true artistic talent, but I don't. Despite this I find myself thinking of new artistic endeavors. Gotta keep busy ya know?

Regardless of your talent or artistic medium - from drawing or painting to welding sculpture or wood burning - what if you altered your canvas? What if the next time creativity struck you - and you picked up your artistic tool of choice - you put your skills to work on a blank sk8 deck? Almost any art form could be lent to the concave surface of a skateboard deck.

Several companies sell blank decks that are raw and completely unfinished. Many of them also offer a variety of shapes, widths and lengths to further make your art stand out. And no one says your artwork needs to be ridden or ground off on a ledge. Boards art art these days.

I think the confine of a narrow plank would offer a challenge to any artist to bring his/her skills to a new size or aspect ratio.

Incorporating other hardware elements would make some really cool alterations. Lay your artistic prowess across a set of trucks. Attach a wheel in an unusual way. Glom some risers on the surface and air-brush over their unique ridged patterns. Go wild, dammit!

Mike Vallely was quoted in the TWS Buyers Guide saying that blank decks have no soul. He's right - as far as riding is concerned. There are a lot of technical advances being made in deck production, but the graphic is always what made my final board choices. The graphics speak to you - to your individualism. Maybe your creative indulgence isn't satisfied by the artwork of others. That's cool - so, make your own. Go buy a blank deck and use it as a canvas and wield your skills onto it. Don't ride a blank deck cuz it's cheaper, but use it to make something unique. Then ride the hell out of it!

blank sk8 decks

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