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Support Your Local Skateboard Shop #sylss

Support Your Local Skate Shop #sylss

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Support Your Local Skateboard Shop #sylss

There's nothing worse than having your expectations shattered. For instance you thought your girlfriend was a pornstar and she turns out to be a prude or you buy a juicy cheeseburger only to find out its soy-cheese. Bummer! But what about retail deception? That's the worst of all.

You work hard for your money and it's annoying when an advertised price or product turns out to be nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Skateboarding is full of such gimmicks. From poorly made products to impossibly low prices - on really crappy boards.

The best way to avoid most of these gimmicks is to shop at a reputable retailer who is knowledgable and stocks quality products. A $25 dollar skateboard sounds good until you realize its 3-ply with a Disney graphic. Your local skate shop is one of the few places where you'll find quality products and good advice. You may pay a little extra, but I'll bet they'll offer you a better deal than the $1,000 deductible on your health insurance when that board snaps at an inopportune moment the same day you bought it!

Toy stores, discount box-stores and sporting goods stores all use gimmicks to lure you into their stores. Don't fall for their bogus ads and low prices. Check out what they are REALLY selling you, then head over to your local independent skate shop for a real bargain - a quality skateboard that won't needlessly send you to the emergency room.

Uninformed skaters/consumers need your help. You can lend a hand and help support local skate shops by downloading these SYLSS "Crappy Skateboard" WARNING LABELS (4-up PDF files) and stick 'em on those crappy products you encounter in the mall, discount stores, toy stores and sporting goods stores.

Only independent skateboard shops sell quality products that won't break or fall apart in the first 10 minutes of use. Boards purchased from crappy department stores and gluttonous box-stores are unsafe and will usually result in unnecessary injuries.

Your local skate shop is the only place that cares about you and ensuring you get high quality equipment. Department stores, toy stores and sporting goods stores only want your money. Independent skate shops want to keep you as a customer by helping you get the best products available.

Check out our Support Your Local Independent Skateboard Shop resource center #sylss.

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