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Support Your Local Skateboard Shop #sylss

Support Your Local Skate Shop #sylss

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Solo girl, Ariel Rebel

Support Your Local Skateboard Shop #sylss

The American dream - as it's often called - shows up very often in skateboarding. Entrepreneurial ideas become products and companies fairly regularly in the skateboard industry. All it takes is a good idea and the ability to execute it.

Take solo-girl Ariel Rebel for example, she's taken control of her destiny by opperating and managing her web sites herself rather than relying on someone else to do (and dictate) it. It's been so successful she's branched out to replicate her strategy for other girls. Ingenuity rocks! Ariel also has released several skateboards of her own design, the latest featuring her lovely naked self - as seen above.

Notice how coyly we mix porn and skateboarding. They're a natural together. Anyway...

Building your own skate empire will require a great product or idea. When it comes to great products, your local skate shop is the place to go to ensure you don't buy a sub-standard board, truck or part. Your local skate shop succeeds because of their knowledge of both the products & the industry and don't sell cheap crap like discount box-stores do. Their business plan involves building customer loyalty through superior products, advice and service. These are things the large discount retailers can't do - even if they wanted to.

Your local independent skate shop plays a significant role in both retail and the local scene. They do so much more than just sell skateboards. Like any successful business, the owners rely on growing by offering their best effort on every transaction. So whether you're buying a skateboard or subscribing to Ariel Rebel's delicious web site, It's nice to know that true professionals will alays deliver a better experience than those who just want to make a quick dollar. Shop local - skate global... and check out Ariel Rebel's Rebel Mayhem!

Uninformed skaters/consumers need your help. You can lend a hand and help support local skate shops by downloading these SYLSS "Crappy Skateboard" WARNING LABELS (4-up PDF files) and stick 'em on those crappy products you encounter in the mall, discount stores, toy stores and sporting goods stores.

Only independent skateboard shops sell quality products that won't break or fall apart in the first 10 minutes of use. Boards purchased from crappy department stores and gluttonous box-stores are unsafe and will usually result in unnecessary injuries.

Your local skate shop is the only place that cares about you and ensuring you get high quality equipment. Department stores, toy stores and sporting goods stores only want your money. Independent skate shops want to keep you as a customer by helping you get the best products available.

Check out our Support Your Local Independent Skateboard Shop resource center #sylss.

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