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Support Your Local Skateboard Shop #sylss

Support Your Local Skate Shop #sylss

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Support Your Local Skateboard Shop #sylss

Skateboards are NOT sporting goods!

How come pro football players don't open football stores?
Why don't pro baseball players open baseball stores?
Have you ever seen a basketball store?

Is it odd that so many pro skateboarders have opened up skate shops or that these stores only sell skateboards? Nope. What's the difference?

You can buy all that other crap at any sporting goods store!

Only independent skate shops sell quality skateboards and skate equipment. Sporting goods stores rarely (like never) stock quality skateboards. They sell crappy boards along with tennis racquets, volleyball nets and punching bags. It's likely that none of the employees at a sporting goods store have ever stood on a skateboard. OK, maybe they ride them around the store after closing to enhance a good game of grab-ass.

Most consumers think that retail clerks are experts in their fields. No way! Go snag a job application from any of these places. All you need is a social security number and a pulse. They don't know shit. This is NOT the sort of place you want to entrust your skateboard purchases. Lots of people don't know this.

Uninformed skaters/consumers need your help. You can lend a hand and help support local skate shops by downloading these SYLSS "Crappy Skateboard" WARNING LABELS (4-up PDF files) and stick 'em on those crappy products you encounter in the mall, discount stores, toy stores and sporting goods stores.

Only independent skateboard shops sell quality products that won't break or fall apart in the first 10 minutes of use. Boards purchased from crappy department stores and gluttonous box-stores are unsafe and will usually result in unnecessary injuries.

Your local skate shop is the only place that cares about you and ensuring you get high quality equipment. Department stores and sporting goods stores only want your money. Independent skate shops want to keep you as a customer by helping you get the best products available.

Check out our Support Your Local Independent Skateboard Shop resource center #sylss.

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