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Skateboard Decks, Longboards & Off-Road Skateboard Manufacturers

Most of the listings here are major manufacturers that make a variety of skateboard prodcts, decks included. If you don't find specific info in the other link areas, check here. Many sites are geared toward women as they are becoming a driving force in retail.

Skateboard Deck Manufacturers

Today's skateboard decks most often come in the "popsicle stick" shape - short and narrow (around 7 inches wide). The old school decks were usually 9 inches wide or more and a few inches longer than today's decks. Additionally, they had mucn more dynamic shapes which gave them an accentuated sense of sytle.

Skateboard Deck Manufacturers: A - K

Skateboard Deck Manufacturers: L - Z


Long Board Manufacturers

Longboards typically differ from traditional decks in length. Some are as long as surf boards whereas other shorter ones are for cruising, slalom or downhill racing.


Kid's Skateboard Manufacturers

Skateboard decks and equipment for kids who can benefit from a smaller set-up designed for their size and weight.


Alternate/Offroad Skateboard Manufacturers

These oddities feature rugged off-road accouterments like large rubber tires and tall trucks. Some even have foot-holds to keep you onboard. If you've ever wanted to skate a mountain-side, these boards are for you.


Skateboard Grip Tape Manufacturers



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