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Skateboarding Accessory Review:Alien Workshop Skate Tool

Alien Workshop Sakte Tool thumbnail image Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review 4 star rating

Manufacturer: Alien Workshop
Released: 2001
Rating: 4 Stars

I like interesting gadgets. Even if they are just slickly designed pieces of metal. I've been impressed with the simplistic design of highly functional objects like nail clippers, coat hangers, soup spoons... you know - simple stuff that is well designed. I don't like clipping my nails, hanging things up or soup, but I do recognize utility. sort of...

This is one of the best skate tools on the market. It's compact, light weight, flat and a great utility device that travels well in your backpack or pocket.

Most skate tools are bulky and will gouge holes in you if they're in your pocket when you slam. The AWS tool is flat and assembles in seconds to torque a bolt or adjust your trucks. It even has a bearing pulling feature rarely found on today's tools.

Even if you ride Grind King or trucks without a standard kingpin nut, this hunk of metal has you covered. And for those who want to hit the scene fashionista-style, you can wear it like Gramma's cheap jewelry (string not included).

Pros & Cons:


  • Small and flat
  • Fits in a pocket
  • Robust features
  • Creative design


  • Hard to get leverage when you need to apply a lot of force


Go buy one. You'll thank us later.

Alien Workshop Sakte Tool

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