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Skateboarding Accessory Review:Bordz-Up - GSR 3000 (Gravity Suspension Rack) Storage

Bordz Up - Gravity Suspension Storage Rack Five Star Rating

Manufacturer: Bordz-Up
Released: September 2005
Rating: 5 Stars

I share something in common with Steven Garceau, founder of Bordz-Up, a distaste for clutter.

my favorite skater!

I have a one-year-old son who enjoys skateboarding. OK, I enjoy skateboarding, he enjoys pushing my boards around the house. This leads to a serious issue - my boards become randomly distributed around the house. When I wake in the night to the hungry cries of my son, I head for the kitchen to retrieve a bottle.

Invariably, as I travel barefoot in the darkness of night with a certain amount of sleep-deprivation, I frequently trip over a misplaced skateboard and crash to the floor. Here's where Steven Garceau and I differ...

Bordz Up - Gravity Suspension Storage Rack

This scenario causes me to yell at great volume, use foul language and become so angry that I can't fall asleep again. Steven's encounters with clutter (perhaps different from mine) caused him to develop a clever, innovative solution that evolved into a marketable product line and a new business. (Crap! Why didn't I think of that?)

Gravity Suspension Rack??

That's right, kids. It's a rack that uses gravity to suspend your skateboard (or just a deck). With three contact points on two pivoting arms. Simply insert your board and it's weight will pull the arms inward to hold it securely (and gently - for you paranoid collectors) in place. Wanna go sk8? Just lift your board and the rack releases it's grasp. No clumsy latches or bungee cords to release - one hand, a gentle lift and you're set to bomb-drop off the front porch.

I'm guilty of hanging my trucks over fireplace mantles, window ledges and bookshelves. I've even hammered a nail into the wall and hung my board on it by one of the trucks. Classy, right? Lets just say I'm not the sort of guy who hangs framed artwork on my walls (the closest I've come is a framed poster of Evel Knievel propped on top of my fridge).

But that's a good metaphor... When you hang a painting the hanging mechanism is hidden behind the art. That's the visual principal of the GSR3000. When a board is secured on it, you don't see the rack, you see the board's graphic. Without a board, the rack becomes a cool piece of unobtrusive industrial art!

In fact, go look at your deck - really look. Those graphics you so casually grind off are art. That graphic probably weighed pretty heavily in your decision to buy that particular deck. Have you noticed the proliferation of skateboard art books? Skateboard art has even taken on it's own moniker; "skart". There's a trend here and Bordz-Up has a great solution for the storage and display of your ridable art. The GSR3000 lets you display this art when you're not out terrorizing the neighborhood streets.

The Rack

The marketing-wonk inside me wants to name this product the Gravity Suspension System because the GSR3000 is much more than a rack. It does everything a rack should, but it belongs in a higher category than, "rack". And it isn't just about skateboards. A series of different sized racks allow for the storage of longboards, snowboards and soon there will be a GSR for all action sport board types (ie: wake and surf).

The GSR 3000 mounts to any surface into which you can screw in two screws. Located at the top and bottom of the vertical bar, two screws (included) securely hold the rack. The stronger the mounting point, the sturdier the rack will be. Mounting it to a wall stud would be better than simply screwing it into drywall.

Don't feel as though you only need to buy one of these racks. You have more than one board, right? With several GSR3000's you'll be able to create a patterned gallery effect across your wall. And we're not talking about a wall in your garage - we mean your living room wall - This is ART we're talking about!

Bordz Up - Gravity Suspension multi Storage Rack

Melding convenience with utility has bred a much needed product for skaters, skateboard collectors and sk8 shop owners seeking a better way to do things.

Pros & Cons:


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Securely, yet gently, holds and displays completes or decks
  • Well constructed and durable
  • Eliminates clutter
  • Doubles as industrial art


  • It's not cheap (inexpensive)


It's a cool product for storage and display. If you don't already own one, you should. For more info check out their website, at

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