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Skateboarding Accessory Review:Skateboard Hanger Storage Rack

Skateboard Hanger Storage Rack Three Star Rating

Manufacturer: Skateboard Hanger
Rating: 3 Stars

Depending on your situation the Skateboard Hanger is either a great product or a waste of time. If you don't like toast, owning a toaster may be a waste of space in your kitchen. This concept holds true for hanging up skateboards as well as making toast - keeping in mind you can also hang toast on the skateboard hanger.

If you're like me and have a dozen completes (fully assembled skateboards) lying around and need to keep a somewhat clean appearance with your skate habit, this is a good product. It allows you to hang boards on the wall or in a closet, on a rod. The simple metal hanger attaches around your board's trucks and provides a loop that hangs over a closet rod or wall hanging attachment. Since the hanging mech is primarily designed for closet-rods, it pokes up above the deck making a wall-mount less attractive, although possible.

skateboard hanger Storage Rack

As you can see (at right, from the manufacturer's web site) the Skateboard Hanger will more than adequately display your complete skate next to your favorite picture of Jim Morrison. I've read Jerry Hopkins' book "No One Here Gets Out Alive" and think Jim Morrison was a swell talented guy whose life came to a tragic end much too early (unless he's really living in the south of France, in which case he should return and save The Doors from an embarrassingly poor reunion tour). In any event, we would recommend hanging your skateboard next to your favorite Slayer picture or perhaps above your tributary shrine to Dimebag Darrell (also taken from us much too early).

The only drawback is it will not help you store or display unassembled decks. It loops around the trucks - no trucks, no hanging. I have a ton of decks that are unlikely to ever become completes - just part of my museum collection for the future.
So, how do I display them? Well... not with this product.

The Skateboard Hanger is a cool idea, but somewhat limited in scope - a one-trick pony.

Pros & Cons:


  • Keeps completes off the floor
  • Simple design
  • Inexpensive


  • Won't hold unassembled decks


It's kinda clever, but at the same time it doesn't solve enough of my clutter problems. If I hang up all my skateboards, where the hell do I put all my clothes?

skateboard hanger

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