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Skateboarding Accessory Review:Thrasher Leather Wristband

Thrasher Leather Wristband Five Star Rating

Manufacturer: Thrasher
Rating: 5 Stars

Yep, it's a wristband - a leather one with 2 adjustable settings (medium and bigger than medium).

One Christmas, I was given a leather wrist band - brown with black accents. I'd never worn such a thing or even considered it. My sense of fashion is closer to the prevention of nudity as opposed to looking good. I wouldn't say that a leather wristband is the final factor in looking good or preventing nudity. Lets just say I don't accessorize well. Hell, I don't even wear a watch!

After that Christmas, I started buying leather wristbands made by my favorite sk8 companies. It almost became an addiction. Some of them are plain, others are quite unique. Zero put their skull on grommets all over their wristband and Baker did a cut-out of their logo. Like a crackhead, I meandered from shop to shop tracking down all my favorite manufacturers. (Reading over this I rather feel like a corporate whore, but anyway...)

I've always loved Thrasher Magazine. They always seemed more down & dirty than the other mags and they've been around for 25 years. I was very psyched when I saw they had a logo'd wristband on their website. My collection is now rounding out... and so should yours!

It seems that an anocuous product like a wristband can't truly be reviewed. What can you really say about a nominal fashion accessory? (that sounded girly). It's adjustable to two sizes, durable and the snap closure is rugged. How's that for a review!

Pros & Cons:


  • Thrasher is a cool mag - Represent
  • Inexpensive
  • well made and durable


  • Won't make the chicks crazy for ya


it's cool - go get one.

Thrasher Leather Wristband

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