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Skateboarding Book Review:Bicycle Builder's Bonanza

Bicycle Builders Bonanza Five Stars

Author: Brad Graham & Kathy McGowan
Publisher: McGraw-Hill / TAB Electronics
Released: October 14, 2003
Rating: 5 Stars

If you don't drive and the skate park is far away, a bicycle will soon become your best friend and means of transportation. Like a car, there's no reason for your bike to be a beater. Arrive in style. Stand out from the crowd. Do your own thing and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

What am I talking about?
Building your won custom designed bike!

We've all see "the bike to die for" parked outside the arcade or leaning against the window of our favorite sk8 shop. Whether it's a fat beach cruiser with ape-hangers or a chopper with a 6 foot front fork - you stand in awe of it, drooling and wishing it were yours. Now you can build it. You may have to learn a new skill or two, but you can do it and Brad Graham & Kathy McGowan's Bicycle Builder's Bonanza will show you how.

Chopper Bicycle

They walk you through all the skills you'll need and then show several different types of projects to get you going. Make no mistake, this undertaking will entail cutting up old bikes with a hacksaw and welding new pieces in place, but this book makes it seem easy. Even if you've never used arc welding equipment this book will get you going on the way to creating your dream bike.

Once you've built one, you'll be hooked and scouring scrap yards and yard sales for suitable donor bikes from which you can concoct amazing rides.

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