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Skateboarding Book Review:Better Skateboarding For Boys and Girls

Four Star Review

Authors: Ross Olney & Chan Bush
Publisher: Dodd, Mead & Co.
Released: 1977
Rating: 4 Stars

Crack this book and get a taste of skateboarding in the late 70's. This isn't quite the same as digging up an old issue of Skateboarder Magazine from ‘77. It would be more like CNN's Lou Dobbs judging a sk8 contest. He can hold his own with ill intending Republicans, but he's probably not aware of difference between f/s and b/s.

Even the title, Better Skateboarding For Boys and Girls, gives gives off a time-warp sort of feeling. I found this gem at my local library - you never know what you'll find gathering dust in the archives of a small-town public library. As soon as I saw the listing, I was stoked to see what sort of silliness would be contained within. Lets dig in...

It's as though my Dad wrote a book about skateboarding. All the illustration captions seem very "Dick and Jane" - mostly Dick - in simplicity. It almost reminds me of a time when life was slower, simpler and less dangerous. At the same time, skateboarding wouldn't be so counter-culture with out a little bit of gnar.


  • Where it all started
  • The skateboard
  • Learning to ride
  • Safety on a skateboard
  • Competition
  • build your own skateboard
  • Maintenance and repair of skateboards
  • Skateboarding from now on

"Skateboarding appears certain to be here to stay"

With that in mind, you can rest assured that skating will never disappear. Check out your local library and see if you can find this or other gems of skating's past!

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