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Skateboarding Book Review:better if you don't come back

Book: better if you don't come back Skateboarding skateboard  Book Video Review Four Stars

Author: Joseph DeMough
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Released: June 29, 2012
Rating: 4 Stars

Most skateboard books are historical about renown spots or biographical, focusing on one of the many pro skaters who've helped shape what skating has evolved into. Better If You Don't Come Back, by Joseph DeMough, takes a fresh approach to this genre. In fact, it's a novel! Told primarily through character dialogue, you feel as though the story is unfolding around you.

If you skate, you'll get the reminiscent feeling of days gone by. I'll bet a lot of skaters will relate. Making the leap from skating all day to facing life's hard lessons, Better If You Don't Come Back holds a nice balance between serious situations while also dropping laugh-out-loud passages. Amidst the craziness, you'll likely find the story line bares more reality than you may expect or want to admit.

Part of the success of this story comes from the folks at Fat Thumb Publishing who produced it. How many times have we seen the results of corporate managers attempting to put their brand on "trends" they feel will pay out? From skateboarding to video games and film, they miss the mark repeatedly. The X-games show the sport of skateboarding, but those who smile from simply standing on a board know it's a lifestyle of counter-culture and creativity that flows from those who take the next step - and push!

The producers of this book may very well own suits, but they've obviously lived life where it happens, not on a white-board. When Fat Thumb Publishing's VP of Marketing contacted me about Better If You Don't Come Back, his letter oozed grit and passion. When I saw his closing signature was "Fuck Yeah", I was fairly certain he was sending me a damn good book, made by people who believe in print and have something compelling to spill onto the pages.

If you can't afford to buy a copy for a friend, loan 'em yours! This is a great book!


You can buy Better If You Don't Come Back on Amazon and connect with the publisher on Facebook and Twitter.

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