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Skateboarding Book Review:Board: Surf Skate Snow Graphics

Board: Surf Skate Snow Graphics Three Stars

Author: Patrick Burgoyne and Jeremy Leslie
Publisher: Harper Design International
Released: September 2003
Rating: 3 Stars

Board offers a look at sports graphics as art from the worlds or surfboarding, skateboarding and snowboarding. This is a large undertaking for a single book. Three books could easily have been developed from each discipline. However the images contained here are top-notch.

I would have liked more insight into these great designs. There is some identifying text for the images, but no behind-the-scenes detail or info. Other books on sports art offer insights about the times, the artist and his or her inspiration for the work. It's a shame that was omitted.

Its a fun book to flip through and you should add it to your collection!

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