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Skateboarding Book Review:Tina Basich's Pretty Good For A Girl

Pretty Good For A Girl Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Stars

Author: Tina Basich & Kathleen Gasperini
Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
Released: September 30, 2003
Rating: 5 Stars

When you grow up in an unconventional manner surrounded by love, fear and bravery there's no telling what effects it can have. Some people freak out and whither, others become dominant role-models in professional snowboarding. Tina Basich's autobiography, Pretty good For A Girl, is about people and the things they do. You'll feel as though you've read an intimate interview with her and gotten to know someone pretty cool.

As a child she admired Gymnast Nadia Comaneci who achieved five perfect scores of "10" in the 1976 Olympics. There were few people in the world who could achieve that and nobody rolled up on her to say she was pretty good for a girl. The male dominated world of skate and snow is a different story. If you're talented and female, you've probably heard the "pretty good for a girl" phrase as if it meant - but not that good.

Although competing since 1986, Tina is not just about snowboarding. She's a founding member of the group who began Boarding for Breast Cancer and she is active in both clothing and board designs. She's a pretty dynamic person considering she came from a background that many would deem weird. This is a great book about determination paying out in a wide variety of ways.

Pretty good For A Girl is a good book whether you're interested in snowboarding or not. There are a lot of relevant ideas to those who just want to succeed by doing things their own way.

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