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Skateboarding Book Review:Thrasher Magazine's Skate And Destroy

Skate And Destroy Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Stars

Author: Thrasher Magazine
Publisher: Universe
Released: May 30, 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

How do you cram 25 years of Thrasher Magazine into a 288 page book? You don't. If you do the math you'll see it only leaves about 11½ pages for each year. Thrasher's history is way too rich and deep to be summed up in a single coffee-table book. And that's a good thing! You didn't seriously expect to find everything in one book did you?

Instead, you will find a visual overview of what was happening in skateboarding and who was making it happen - year by year. Along the way you'll see how Thrasher itself made a lot of things happen in skateboarding as the down & dirty, cutting edge journal of sk8. Skate and Destroy visually depicts each year with captioned photos and a few articles. Each chapter represents a year's worth of Thrasher beginning with an intro page showing the twelve covers.

The main drawback to this book is the shortage of text. The images tell a story, but more text would have made this book truly outstanding. As it is, Skate and Destroy is a must-have for any skater who lived through the last 25 years as a Thrasher reader and skater. To those seeking an in-depth history of the times might not be as satisfied by the lack of textual detail.

Overall, this is a cool book. As coffee-table books go, this one will boost your cool-factor if you leave it lying on your table for guests to see. So go out and revel in the years gone by that were captured in the gritty manner known only to Thrasher Magazine.

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