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Skateboarding Book Review:Skateboard Mom

Skateboard Mom Four Stars

Author: Barbara Odanaka
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Released: May 2004
Rating: 4 Stars

Having a young son who loves to read puts me in a position where reading a book such as Barbara Odanaka's "Skateboard Mom" seems legit. My usual reading habits take me from Stephen King's horror and various spy novels to Thrasher and Hustler. My son steers my interests toward such classics as Thomas the Tank Engine and Dr. Seuss. Naturally, I try to inject a bit of "Sk8" now and then. Skateboard Mom is just such an injection.

Skateboard Mom Book

Uniquely drawn by JoAnn Adinolfi in an abstract water-color fashion, we meet an 8-year old boy who gets a skateboard for his birthday. His mother promptly steals his board and commandeers it for herself. The boy's father explains that Mom was a champion skateboarder. The boy's solution is to buy his mother her own skateboard, which seems like a nice solution until his grandmother also tries to narc his board.

This kid needs to lay down the law and get Ma and Granny to get their own damn boards. And where the Hell is Dad during all this thievery?

No child should have to wait until their 8th birthday to get a skateboard! I bought my son his first board for Xmas when he was 18 months old. He quickly became a very good knee-boarder.

So anyway...
Skateboard Mom teaches a few good lessons and offers some morality lessons while catering to an age group (2-4 years old) that probably isn't quite ready to get on a board themselves. This is a fun way to get your kid(s) interested in skateboarding and reading. You can never read too much to a child. Just don't force your child to skate.

I see so many maniacal parents trying to force skateboarding on their kids because they grew up with it. I try to present it too my son, but let him make the decisions as to how long and when he wants to play with his skateboard. Your kids will be more apt to enjoy skateboarding if they see YOU having fun with it rather than you trying to make them have fun with it. My son loves to "be like Daddy" so letting him knee-bard while I skate around the driveway works out great for both of us. And its way cool when he asks if we can go skateboarding.

Skateboard Mom Book

Read to your child... then go skate with ‘em!

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