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Skateboarding Book Review:Thrasher Magazine's Ramp Plans
Learn How to Build: Vert, Street, Mini, Launch and Bowls

Thrasher Magazine Ramp Plans Four Stars

Author: Thrasher Magazine
Publisher: High Speed Productions
Released: 2000
Rating: 4 Stars

This pamphlet/booklet has been around for a long, long time and undergone several revisions making it a classic resource for building ramps. Sure there are some holes that need filling, but it does a great job for a 30-page digest-sized booklet. It'll fit in your back pocket while you're out late stealing wood from a construction site (something they recommend NOT doing). I recently picked up the 2000 edition on sale for $2 on Thrasher's web site.

Every skateboard product from decks to DVDs has some sort of liability statement explaining that skating is hazardous and so forth. So, Ramp Plans starts out by saying the same, but its a little different here. If you build a ramp and your buddy comes over, bails and splits his head open several bad things can result besides a blood stain on your new ramp. His/her parents can sue you and your parents (assuming you live at home with your ‘rents). So take heed and protect yourself from legal battles.

Once you've tightened your legal vulnerabilities from your stupid friend's parents, Thrasher gives you a run-down on supplies and tools. Don't scrimp on either. Unless you're building a crappy little launch ramp, you need to make sure everything is tight so your half pipe doesn't fall apart on your first drop-in.

Through text and pics they guide you through the steps for several types of projects. The larger the project, the more careful and specific you need to be with both design and construction. Few things are as disturbing than standing on the rollout deck of a wobbly half pipe. Don't be afraid to ask for construction help or tips from a qualified contractor. Doing it right will pay off in the durability of your ramp.

One of the best lessons, they offer is how to determine and accurately create your transition and side wall templates. PAY ATTENTION!

Another thing to consider when garnering your supplies. It will be very tempting to steal wood from local construction sites. Keep in mind... if you get busted, the amount of lumber needed for a sizable ramp will likely qualify your theft as grand larceny - punishable by significant jail time.

On the other hand, why not stop by local construction sites to see if they will give you extra pieces or scrap? Every nickel counts and if you're willing to haul away lumber they don't need/want, all the better for everyone.

Build strong and skate long.

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