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Skateboarding Book Review:Volcomics #1

Volcomics #1 Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Stars

Released: 2007
Rating: 5 Stars

This copy of Volcomics #1 came free with the August 2007 issue of Thrasher Magazine, via subscription.

Skate comics are a virtual rarity these days. There are a few diehards like Thrasher Comics and Skeightfast Dyephun, but the selection is slim to say the least.

So who would be the least likely company to suddenly start publishing comics? "Volcom?", you suggest. Yeah, what the hell are they doing publishing comics? In the end... who cares? Volcomics is a cool release that is a hybrid between a comic book and sk8 art (no, we don't use the term "Skart" to identify skate art).

Volcomics isn't your average comic book. Actually, I'm not sure it really is a comic book, but rather it's a collection of art. There are a few short stories of sorts, but much of it is depicted in single panels. Whether you care about it being an actual comic book or defining it in some other way, just go find a copy and check out the large show it supports.

The Official Story behind Volcomics

Volcom to launch worldwide artshow tour and 60-page comic book in support of the biggest Volcom Featured Artist Series line ever.

The art show series will begin May 19th at Fuse gallery in New York City and will continue through the summer with stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo and London. The comic book is over two years on the making and features legendary skateboard artists Jim Phillips and VCJ as well as some of the biggest creative contributors to skateboarding today - Michael Sieben, Todd Bratrud and Travis Millard. In addition to skate-art heavyweights the book features artists/athletes from the worlds of surfing and snowboarding such as Mark Appleyard, Ozzie Wright, and Jamie Lynn. There will be artists in attendance and a limited number of t-shirts and books to be given away for free at each opening reception. Volcom will be producing fifteen thousand copies of the comic for free, with worldwide distribution.

The project was born from Volcom VP Creative Director Ethan Anderson's love of the underground comic movement and looked to capture its raw energy and low-fi means by creating a comic book that is authentic down to the paper stock and page count. The openings will include drawings by Volcom Featured Artists: Michael Sieben, Travis Millard, Mel Kadel, Ozzie Wright, Mike Aho, Kill Pixie, Jamie Lynn, Todd Bratrud, Haculla and Mark Appleyard as well as scribblings by all twenty-eight artists that contributed to the book. The book and shows are an Art Loft release being curated by Volcom Senior Graphic Artist Mike Aho.

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