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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:411 Video Magazine Vol. 14 Issue 3

411 Video Magazine Vol. 14 Issue 3 DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: 411 Studios
Released: Nov. 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

Ted DeGros, Emmanuel Guzman, Sid Melvin, Don Nguyen, Richie Belton, Ben Gore, Marius Sylven, Jérémie Daclin, Jason Adams, Flo Marfaing, Alex Carolino, Joey Brezinski, Vincent Bressol, Javier Mendizabal, Lucas Puig, Louie Barletta, Pat Rakestraw, Adam Alfaro, Dyson Ramones, Mike Vallely, Chris Haslam, Greg Lutzka, Justin Schulte, Jimmy Carlin, Josh Mattson, Marquis Preston, Grant Patterson, Geoff Dermer, Matt Dove, Alex Carolino, Dave Bachinsky, Andrew Pott, Ryan Sheckler, Nick McClouth, Stacy Lowry, Mark Gutterman, Shiloh Greathouse, Mike York, Zarosh Eggelston, Matt Ball, Gareth Stehr, Patrick Melcher, Thomas Bonillas, JBGillettte, Ricardo Fonseca and many more...

411 Vol. 14 Issue 3 features Ted DeGros, the Duffs team, Emmanuel Guzman and Sid Melvin, Don "The Nuge" Nguyen, Richie Belton, Ben Gore and the Cliché team touring around Sicily.

The flick opens with Chaos led by Marius Sylven. The first real part goes to Richie Belton who kills an bunch of gaps and rails. This guy rips with psycho moves that would terrify most riders. Keep an eye out for this d00d. He totally skates his ass off (this psycho-ness may be due to his resemblance to Rakeyon from Bam's CKY vids). Much calmer and sitting further outfield in the tech end of skating is Ted DeGros.

Team Cliché board a plane for yet another tour through unchartered territory. This time it's Sicily for the Mafia Tour. There are plenty of spots on the island and of course Jérémie Daclin and the crew tear it up. What did you expect from the winners of the 2006 TWS Best Team Award? My only problem with this section was the Euro-carnival music they chose. I could envision dancing clowns through the whole part.

World's newest amateur Ben Gore makes his debut and he's a smooth skater. There's an ad for Fresh Park buried in the middle of this DVD. From a functional standpoint, I like the idea of a folding quarter pipe that will fit in my car. I can toss it up almost anywhere. The only bad thing is that there is no way you can show up at a spot with a folding ramp and then put it together without looking like a complete dorked-out loser.

Santa Cruz prove to be one of the sickest teams out there when Emmanuel Guzman and Sid Melvin share a part. Someone who can share his love of flying with Belton is Don Nguyen. He leaves his sanity at home.

The Duffs team's montage of varied skating styles. Jason Adams opens with a killer wallrides.

Versus competition

Mike Vallely is an awesome skater and rad guy. As host of the Versus competition, his talents are horribly underutilized. 411VM let fans vote for which riders they wanted to see in this competition. The riders then challenged each other and fans voted on who they thought killed best. This issue had the finals and it came down to Greg Lutzka and Chris Haslam. Haslam won it.

Zine & Poster

What's more fun than a sharp stick in the eye? A folded up poster suitable for hanging on your wall to add the unique glare-pattern only attainable from glossy creased paper-stock. We are gifted two double-sided wall hangers. The first features an Ad for Hawk Clothing with the reminder that it's available only at Kohl's (isn't that like selling a product and touting that it's only available from vagrant street dealers? Who shops at Kohl's?). The flip side shows Louie Barletta in a Duffs ad. Poster 2 features Kerry Getz in a DVS ad and Eric Koston reping Ogio bags on the reverse side. I've never owned an Ogio bag, but skate bags have to be one of the most useful sk8 accessories you can have. You have to have somewhere to put all your crap.

The 28 page zine is laden with ads, some of which you have large posters of folded inside latter areas of the zine. Admittedly there are a few good reads in it, but for the most part it seems like a place to garner ad revenue - not a bad thing, but not the prime reason I'd be tempted to buy an issue of 411VM.

Bonus Stuff

The bonus material on this disc confused me. Not in the traditional sense, like when you see a cop without powdered sugar on his shirt and are mystified by his distaste for donuts, but in the manner that might make you say, "WTF?" as you watch the video.

  • Underworld Tour - If this had been a tour of the movie set for the Hollywood flick, Underworld or if it had been Kate Beckinsale guiding us through some skateboarding history or something. But as it stood, this segment made no sense.
  • Battle of the Shops - Apparently this was the 3d year of this event. It seemed to consist of three events: ollies down a double set of stairs, Quarter pipe dexterity and grinding handrails. We get to see rider after rider hit each of these obstacles and then we move to the next obstacle. Poorly edited. This contest had to be more fun than what we see in this video. 411VM chose to show it in its most boring and repetitive fashion possible.
  • Product Guide - navigate through tons of product pictures from this issue's advertisers.

The Bottom Line

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