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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:411 Video Magazine Vol. 15 Issue 1 - Up For Grabs

411 Video Magazine Vol. 15 Issue 1 DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: 411 Studios
Released: Feb. 2007
Rating: 4 Stars

Kevin Romar, Justin Figueroa, Greg Lutzka, Jerry Hsu, Tony Tave, Terell Robinson, Derek Fukuhara, Jason Wakuzawa, Nate Sherwood, Brandon Westgate, Rodney Torres, Luis Tolentino, Eli Reed, Zered Bassett, Chad Bartie, Daewon Song, Mike Peterson, Sierra Fellers, Jordan Hoffart, Pat Duffy, Justin Strubing, Ed Driscol, Dan Pensyl, Anthony Shetler, Donny Barley, Pete Eldridge, Darell Stanton, Nick Dompierre, Forest Kirby, Cairo Foster and many more...

Up For Grabs, the newest release from 411VM is free and includes art direction from Uncle Geez (5Boro, Zoo York). Hard to say why it's free, but just accept it as fact. You can find copies at your local sk8 shop of at some of the larger mail-order shops online.

It's hard to argue with the price, but sometimes "free" isn't a god thing. Like when a free item sucks ass - that's not good. Fortunately, this is not the case. Clocking in at only 30 minutes, just remember how amazing Chad Bartie's part is - before you start bitching.

Flat-packed and straying from the newer format, this version of 411VM doesn't include the virtually useless zine (chock full of ads) or the fabulous folded up posters. Just a piece of cardboard and a damn good skate vid. That's all you really need, right?

free isn't always free
CCS mailorder has had a blurb in their last 2 catalogs about shipping 411VM 15.1 for free with any DVD order. Diligently, I placed an order with one of their phone reps who was dismally uninformed about this amazing free offer, but assured me that the warehouse folks would stuff the free DVD in with my order.

Didn't happen.

Shocking, eh? I called up to inquire about this mishap and was told it was limited to stock on hand - they were out. Since then, I have received 2 more catalogs with the same offer. Don't be fooled by their sk8-like front, CCS is just another retailer... they happen to sell skate stuff, but only for profit. Is there any love in the sk8 industry these days or is everyone just trying to scam some Tony Hawk-sized profits?

In scaling back the format for the freebie, 411 did away with some of the hokey titles and stuff and just churned out a cool 30 minutes of skating. Terell Robinson talks about his Compton roots and how skating saved him from gang life... Good thing - cuz that kid can skate! Nate Sherwood is inane and goes way beyond any necessary measures to prove it - complete with impromptu home-made rap song. The highlight of the whole thing was Chad Bartie's part. He kills pools and all sorts of street obstacles. Makes the whole disc worth it... even though it's free.

The Bottom Line

OK, it's free so don't go buying it from some dick on ebay.

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