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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:411 Video Magazine #52

411 Video Magazine #52 - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Studio 411
Released: 2001
Rating: 4 Stars

Buster Halterman, Ed Selego, Colt Cannon, Jason Adams, Danny Montoya, Richie Belton, Jeremy Wray, Joey Poiniez, Bam Margera, Vinny Vegas, Kenny Anderson, Brian Sumner, Nate Broussard, Joey Brizinski, Brian Brown, Kristian Svitak, Jub, Ben Gilley, Patick Melcher, Chad Tim Tim, Fabrizio Santos, Tosh Townend, Billy Pepper, Jamie Thomas, Rodney Jones, Tony Trujillo, Chet Childress and many more...

Digging through my stash of sk8 vids, I noticed one that was still shrink wrapped! How the hell did that go unnoticed? That security tape they wrap DVD boxes in had disintegrated and was a gummy mess all along the edges, but I persevered and finally freed the disc. And wow, what a time warp.

In 2007 it's kind of hard to review a skateboard video from 2001 - actually, it's kind of pointless, except Tony Trujillo is on the cover and he still kills. But everyone looks younger. Many of the advertised companies are long gone or have evolved into other factions. It's like opening a time capsule... without any hype or purpose. The coolest thing is all the pros who are still hard at it - tearing up the ramps and streets!

In 411VM tradition all the parts listed on the back of the box are completely out of order - never understood that. Another tradition is opening up with a bang... or a Bam. Margera starts things off by acid dropping from the roof of a commercial building onto a pitched roof of the store below. I'm sure his numerous attempts delighted both shoppers and owners alike.

The Adio team makes up the crew of the Controlled Chaos segment followed by a profile of Jason Adams. Jason takes us through a video montage of his previous 10 years as a pro skater. Next, Giant Distribution shows us the photoshoot that provided images for their booth at the upcoming Skate Trade Show.

There are two Road Trip segments. One with the Foundation team in Puerto Rico and the Vans team in Oregon. Sandwiched in between is the Wheels of Fortune part in which Rodney Jones tries to convince us that Baltimore, MD is the place to be... and skate.

Cameos have always been a facet of 411VM. They get random celebs to do quick intros. 411 Video Magazine issue 52 treats us to Kerry King of Slayer. What a great 6 seconds. Listen to Slayer.

Things wrap up with Colt Cannon in the Rookie segment.

Stance subscription card

I found this subscription card for Transworld's long defunct lifestyle mag inside the DVD case. Remember this mag? It was better than most TW pubs. And remember Tara Reid before she succumbed to alcoholic slutiness? Those were the days...

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