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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:411 Video Magazine #57

411 Video Magazine #57 - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: March 2003
Rating: 4 Stars

Kerry Getz, Ryan Wilburn, Clint Peterson, Seth McCallum, Alan Peterson, the Paez Brothers, Karma Tsocheff, Steve Nesser, Dennis Busenitz, Patrick Melcher, Darrel Stanton, Jake Nunn, Frank Gerwer, Nate Jones, Matt Milligan, Dave Duren, Tosh Townend, Evan Hernandez, Van Wastell, Terry Kennedy, Scott Kane, Tony Trujillo, John Buhcannon, Jason Jones, Alan Petersen, Kenny Anderson, Danny Montoya, Even Hernandez, Rune Glifgerg, Mike Vallely, Josh Kallis and many others.

411VM Skateboarding Issue 57 is one of the most diverse, content-laden issues in recent memory. Hosted by Kerry Getz, the opening is a Controlled Chaos featuring the Consolidated team. The all-terrain attack of Ryan Wilburn, Clint Peterson, Seth McCallum, Alan Peterson, the Paez Brothers, and Karma Tsocheff shine in this segment.

Kerry Getz and his crew in Philly experience the trials and tribulations of being a skateboarder in the city of Brotherly Love. Head to a spot, skate, get kicked out; repeat. Considering his day usually starts around 3:00pm, I can't feel too sorry for him. They go to the Burnt Cat spot, City Hall and Temple University. He has one of those stupid little mini-motorcycles - the kind where your knees are at your ears when you sit down on the thing. Kerry named it the Hog and they use it to tow skaters to obstacles. Seems very liken to fat people on mopeds - underpowered for the task.

The Adio team takes to the road, riding skate parks between California and Houston, TX on their way to the annual Make-A-Wish demo and Texas Skate Jam. All the money raised at this two-day event goes to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Steve Nesser, Dennis Busenitz, Patrick Melcher and dozens of other pros and ams were destroying all objects at Make-A-Wish. Darrel Stanton and Jake Nunn show Texas that they are holding it down for the Lone Star state. Oddly they don't show any terminally ill children begging to have Tony Hawk sing songs at their birthday party.

The Roomies article features the infamous 6 Newell house in San Francisco. Frank Gerwer, Nate Jones, Matt Milligan, and Dave Duren provide a little insight into the madness of their homestead. Knives stuck in walls, fungus growing in strange spots, and amazing skateboarders are all found at 6 Newell. They also released a video of their antics.

Tosh Townend has a Check-Up featuring the surgery he recently had on his ankle. His surgeons will amaze you with the amount of flexibility one's foot has when they are sedated. His skating is back to top-notch form as well, with new footage amassed here. Mexico is the destination of the Vans young guns, Evan Hernandez, Van Wastell, Terry Kennedy, Scott Kane, and Tony Trujillo. All lay waste to incredible spots in and around Mexico City. DNA recently turned John Buhcannon pro, and we reward him with a Rookies segment, highlighting his smooth, relaxed style. Rail chomper and World am Jason Jones gets his dues in Wheels of Fortune.

The Ollie Trick Tip segment was very cool. It had a little bit of history and a damn good explanation of how to ollie by Salman Agah.

  • 1979 - Alan Gelfand does the first ollie.
  • 1983 - Rodney Mullen does the first flat-land ollie
  • 1999 - Danny Wainwright does the highest ollie at 44".
  • 2002 - Andrew Reynolds ollies a record distance of 22 feet.

I have to say that Salman's explanation of the mechanics behind the ollie is by far the best I've ever heard or seen. Despite all the various trick-tip videos, he still nailed the essence and how-to of this basic, yet elusive trick.

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