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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:411 Video Magazine #59 & Brazilian Vacation

411 Video Magazine #59 - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: Studio 411
Released: 2001
Rating: 3 Stars

Chris Senn, Jason Adams, Adam Alfaro, Stacy Lowery, Ragdoll, Cairo Foster, Jakson Curtain, Matt Pailes, Jake Rupp, Ed Selego, Karl Watson, Spencer Atzel, Paulo Diaz, Danny Supa, Damien Smith, Nate Kocaka, James Atkin, Caswell Berry, Clint Peterson, Rick McCrank, Ryan Sheckler, Nate Jones, Raymond Molinar, Tosh Townend and more...

Things start off with an intro by Chris Senn who is later featured in the Day in the Life segment. Controlled Chaos features the Duffs team with Adams, Alfaro, lowery and Ragdoll. In Wheels of Fortune, Jackson Curtain tells of his childhood in Washington, DC and then living in Indonesia for 6 years. I guess that gives him a sound global perspective for skateboard-related traveling.

The Main Event is the premiere of Girl's Yeah Right video. Oddly, the footage is short, only shows the crowd outside the theater and no coverage of the after-party. Wtf? The event was laden with red carpets and limos - different for the average sk8 flick. The team of interviewers were fairly incompetent and didn't get anyone to say anything. They did capture actor, Jack Black's entrance. That was cool.

We see Ryan Sheckler take first place at the Slam City Jam in Vancouver, BC. Damn kids! Cairo tells us about his board set-up... in between taking a ton of phone calls. The Satori team hits Puerto Rico on a Road Trip. How many times can we see footy from the various Tampa Am's at Skate Park of Tampa? Not enough, apparently. Here's another look. Danny Supa tells us about his board set-up - without any phone interruptions.

Things wrap up with Senn detailing a day in his life in Grass Valley, CA. Lots of creative endeavors - painting and sculpting. He and his buds hit the GV Skate Park. Next, 411 gives a glimpse from their trick tip DVD and show us how to grind hand rails.

Bonus Stuff

Brazilian Vacation - bonus DVD

Here's the best bonus of all. A whole DVD of Bob Burnquist's trip to Brazil in 1999. Kids in Brazil are all over him - it's insane.

Brazilian Vacation dvd

Bob Burnquist, Kerry Getz, Eric Koston, Rick McCrank and a lot of Brazilian locals.

Burnquist and his crew land in Bob's home town of San Paulo and head for the Friends Ramp. They skate several outdoor parks and ramps as well as hit an indoor contest. Everyone goes wild for Bob - he can do no wrong. They flew to Rio De Janeiro to see the sights and do some tourist things. Apparently they did a "first" by skating the stairs of the Cristo Redentor - the famous Christ the Redeemer statue at the top of the Corcovado mountain in Rio.

A cool highlight was seeing them skate the Rio Sul Bowl under the nighttime lights. They were invited to appear on a local TV show doing a segment on skateboarding. They were aloud to build a skateable area in the studio by dragging various pieces of junk into the studio as make-shift benches and ledges. They spent the last few days of the trip in Buenos Aires.

Rio De Janeiro is the home of the rio-cut bikini bottom - ya know, the one that's a little bigger than a thong. Personally, I prefer thongs, but what the hell. Brazilian women wear them well. Unfortunately, the indigenous men seem to be in some sort of odd competition to also expose a lot - hence we see more banana-hammocks than necessary (yuck, please put your dick away).

As they waited for their plane home, they took the time to film other travelers as they came off their planes and the different gates. Each gate's exit way was a glass corridor that looked out on the seating for those waiting to board. Eric Koston sat with his back to the glass corridors, reading a porn mag, so that all those de-planing could see what he was reading. That's way too much explanation for a trivial part, but it was funny as hell.

At 40 minutes, this is a pretty good disc. The price is certainly right and it's a nice addition to 411 Video Magazine's Issue 59..

The Bottom Line

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