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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Gallaz' AKA: Girl Skater

Gallaz AKA: Girl Skater - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2003
Rating: 3 Stars

Vanessa Torres, Amy Caron, Jaime Reyes, Monica Shaw, Dave Carnie, Lauren Mollica, Jessie Van Roachoudt, Georgina Mathews.

Remember Dave Carnie from his Big Brother magazine days? How about his work with The Skateboard Mag (perhaps he's answered one of your letters)? If you know - or have read - anything about Dave Carnie, you'll peg him as the most unlikely guy to take a group of the world's most talented female skaters on a tour through Australia.

He did just that, wore a dress most of the time and let them call him Mom. Go figure.

Girls never get proper exposure in magazines or any other media. The skate world seems so male dominated, yet we hear of all these girls out there who skate. From time to time they step up and demand to be heard. AKA: Girl Skater is one of those times. This film shows the girls in their element through video and their own words. Just as you hear guys talking about living & breathing SK8, these girls feel the same way. They skate everyday and love every minute of it from street to parks to vert.

Hollywood has done a horrible job representing skateboarding - they have no clue. Even worse, they always depict women as bimbos or sex objects. Girls are girls and guys rule... well that "Hollywood" oppinion may be waning. These ladies (most of them teenagers at the time) kick ass and they know it!

Their first demo was packed with people who came out to see the skating and others were curious about seeing girls. Many attendees admitted they'd never actually seen a girl skateboarding. On top of that, all the girls rode the rail at the demo... a feat that has not yet been tackled by any of the locals.

Being a female troop, they stopped off at the Big Banana to catch up with some Koala bears and kangaroos. You don't hear of this sort of fare on the guy's tour.

Of note was the Globe World Cup contest in Melbourne (at the Rod Laver Arena, for you tennis fans).

The Arena has matured through a couple of name changes to the now embraced name of Rod Laver Arena at Melbourne Park. The honor was bestowed upon Rod Laver for his unsurpassed achievements and accomplishments at tennis in January 2000. Laver is the only player in the history of tennis to have captured two Grand Slams (1962 and 1969) - the ultimate honor in tennis whereby a player claims the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open singles titles in the same calendar year.

So, at the Cup, Amy Caron won a car. Pretty cool, except that it was an Australian version which puts the controls in reverse to what Americans are accustomed. She gets in the car, fires up the engine and the vehicle lunges forward nearly hitting a cameraman and smacking into another car that was to be given away as a prize. Kind of diminishes that "winning" feeling.

Bonus Stuff

  • Gallaz Trick Tips - featuring the Ollie, Fakkie, Ollie Half-Cab, Board slide, Kick Flip and 360 Flip.
  • AKA: Action - More footage of the girls skating.
  • AKA: Fearless - Slams and wipeouts.
  • Gallaz Sk8 Team
  • Gallaz Sk8 Jams - Contests in Australia, France and Japan.
  • AKA: Uncut
  • AKA: Premiere
  • Gallaz Photo Shoot
  • Trailers
  • The Bottom Line

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