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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Darkstar's Battalion

Darkstar's Battalion DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2003
Rating: 4 Stars

Chet Thomas, Paul Machnau, Gailea Momolu, Guy Kampfen, Windsor James, Chris Dobstaff, Sven Kilchenmann, Ryan Kenreich and Mike Hastie.

This review of "Battalion" is based on the original release, prior to the version with additional footage.

You have to like Darkstar's image. Knights on horseback, dark aggression, even the logo itself has a high cool-factor. Battalion is their first film. With no bonus footage or any sort of extras, each rider gets a part to showcase their insane skills. It's filmed well and makes you want to go sk8.

Mike Hastie's part opens with a woman telling them they can't skate in this fenced in basketball court. They do tail-slides on the bench she's sitting on while calling the cops. Finally she shoos them away and locks the gate. Hastie and crew return, unscrew the hinge on the gate's latch and leave it hanging from the lock. Go SK8!

But, I have a gripe. Not because I didn't like Battalion. I need to bitch about the re-release version.

What's up with sk8 companies re-releasing the same titles with additional footage? That doesn't make sense to me - as a consumer who bought the original. Does Darkstar want to reward those who bought their first version by offering them the opportunity to buy the same damn video again with some extra footage? If there's enough to warrant putting out another release, why not just make another video? DC did the same thing with their video. It's annoying and pisses me off as a consumer.

If the re-release was that spectacular, then it should have ben Battalion 2. Record companies are doing the same thing. They get everyone to buy a new release, then 4 weeks later the same disc comes out with a few new songs on it. No wonder people download music. Prices are too high for one CD let alone buying a second copy. Screw ‘em!

OK, I'm done with my tirade. Go buy Battalion. You'll probably find the second version (unless there's a third one) anyway and I'm sure it kills.

The Bottom Line

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