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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Consolidated's Behold

Consolidated's Behold - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2004
Rating: 4 Stars

Alan Petersen, Karma, Ryan Wilburn, Steve Bailey, Jesse Paez, Seth McCallum, Roberto Aleman, Gary Collins, Jeremiah Babb, Jub, Brian Heck, Tim Garner and Richard Paez.

waitress with a plate of cheese

Every time I see this disc on my shelf I'm reminded of that commercial for cheese. Remember that tagline:

"Behold the power of cheese"?

Maybe I should be playing this DVD more often rather than seeing it on the shelf and remarking about the glory of cheese. As cheeses go I like a Havarti-Dill or Brie. On occasion, I like a port wine cheese. This concludes the gay portion of this review.

Yeah, I should really be watching more of this DVD and discussing cheese less. Behold, from the cubed folks at Consolidated, is a great video. Lots of cool footage and interesting spots - a pleasant departure from the same old spots.

Behold starts with Seth McCallum then Brian Heck - they both kill it. Heck skates poles, banks, transitions and everything with a relaxed yet passionate flow. So, what sort of name is Heck? I imaging one would get a lot of crap growing up. "Where the heck is Heck?"

Peterson, Wilburn and Karma were the true stand-outs in this flick. Naturally, everyone rocked, but these three were awesome.

On the bailing side, there was one spectacular slam that took him down a brick bank, into a cement ditch filled with water. Before splashing into the water, he nails the far wall of the ditch from his momentum, then drops into the H2O. Ouch!

Once a person really gets into video editing, they realize that you can't have hard breaks from one clip to another. You need a transition of some kind. It could be something as simple as fading from one scene to the next or it could involve a skit. Yes, a skit. The folks at Consolidated Skateboards decided that humorous skits would be the best way to move from one part to another, cueing the viewer that they would be seeing a new part next.

These short skits ran the gamut from a guy getting his legs ripped with a chainsaw to a man in a dumpster wearing a small baby costume with his body hidden under the trash (ya know, the old dumpster abortion trick). We are also treated to a rabbit tearing its foot off and giving it to another rabbit for good luck - lots of blood. My favorite was the doctor delivering a very hard-plastic-looking baby, with a full beard. It was shot from the mother's head perspective which gave us a nice glimpse of a hot set of legs... despite the delivery mess.

Pam Anderson dressed as lettuce fo her PETA as

The only one I didn't like was the skit involving shooting a rat in a bucket. The footage looked pretty real - just a harmless white rat trapped in a bucket with the barrel of a gun aimed at it. We here the trigger click (like a bb-gun) and the rat goes still. It may have been fake, but if you're going to kill a gross animal - particularly a rat - why not find a mangy NYC rat that's the size of a bear and wants to kill you first. What would Pam Anderson and her PETA pals have to say?

There you have it. From BEHOLDing the power of cheese to kick-ass skating and a few funny skits (one not so funny), you should buy a copy of this DVD.

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