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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Death Skateboard's Better Than Life

Better Than Life DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2007
Rating: 4 Stars

Patrick Melcher, Richie Jackson, Dan Cates, Carl Watson, Boots, Steak, Horsey, Dave Allen, Dean Palmer, Mark Nicolson, Zarosh, Andy Scott, Adam Moss, Andy Scott, Rob Smith, Carl Wilson and more...

When it comes to surprises, I detest surprise parties. I don't like being surprised by how much the government has raided my paycheck - got wars to pay off out there - and no one likes a pretty girl who turns out to have a 9-inch... So anyway. As for surprises in skateboard videos, I'm all for 'em!

Death Skateboard's Better Than Life provided just the surprise I wanted. A great skate video! I bought it with no expectations other than seeing Richie Jackson on the credits. He may look like Doug Henning (famous dead magician famed in the 70's) but he skates in such a unique and effortless looking way, I can't believe the stuff he does.

Better Than Life is well filmed and edited making it a lot of fun to watch - more so than many skate videos. The terrain is as diverse as the rider parts. They seem to have the right mix of things I like - which is good for me, but you'll dig it too. Clocking in at close to an hour, Death Skateboards also included some great bonus features. Similar to Thrasher's King of the Road competition of skating and insanity, Death gives us 2 years of their version called, The Big Push. These are the kinds of bonus features that make this DVD worth every penny. Go get a copy!

Bonus Stuff

Death Skateboard's Better Than Life trailer on YouTube

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