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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Mystery's Black & White

Mystery Black & White DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Aleks Lewandowski,
Mike Gilbert & Jamie Thomas
Released: 2007
Rating: 4 Stars

Ryan Bobier, Jimmy Carlin, Dennis Durrant, Adrian Lopez, Windsor James, Gilbert Crockett, Ryan Smith, Lindsey Robertson, Dan Murphy, Tyler Brick, Kellen James, Peter Smolik, Sumio Date, Jay Thorpe, and Jamie Thomas.

When you've survived the brutality of skateboarding itself, running your own sk8 company for 10 years, creating 2 spin-off companies and being named Ernst & Young's entrepreneur of the year in its consumer and business products and services category - you've got a lot to live up to. Welcome to the world of Jamie Thomas, leader of Zero Skateboards and co-director of Mystery's first video release.

After dropping the 10th anniversary DVD box set there has been a lot of hype for all things "Zero" including the first video release from sister company, Mystery. Shot entirely in black and white (did ya catch that title?), Black & White has a ton of great skating packed into it's 20 minutes. With a classic rock soundtrack and a budget conscious price tag (around $12), you can't beat this disc for boosting your desire to skate.

Shot in a bare bones manner, you won't find anything but high intensity skating. No skits, dumb crap or even any bonus material (aside from 5 minutes of post-credit outtakes) - each part opens with a quick rider-intro and the grind sets in.

Mystery Skateboards logo So what's the deal with the "S" in the Mystery logo?
Being reminiscent of the double "S" in Kiss (the band, dumbass) I assumed that egomaniac bass-player Gene Simmons has some financial involvement with Mystery.

Turns out that it was derived from the film Detroit Rock City in which a character's band is named Mystery and features a similar logo. Mystery solved.

The core Mystery team (Bobier, Carlin, Durrant, Lopez, James, Crockett, Smith, Robertson and Murphy) are joined by several renown guests Tyler Brick, Kellen James, Peter Smolik, Sumio Date, Jay Thorpe and JT himself.

Mystery's Black & White SoundTrack

Contours - Do You Love Me?
Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady
Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now
Chambers Brothers - Are You Ready Now
Zombies - She's Not There
Yardbirds - Heart Full of Soul
‘Ol dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Dion & The Belmonts - Runaround Sue

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