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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Black Label's Blackout

Black Label's Blackoutr DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: John Lucero
Studio: Black Label Pictures / Forever Films
Released: 2004
Rating: 4 Stars

Jason Adams, Kristian Svitak, Patrick Melcher, Ben Giley, Adam Alfaro, Ragdoll, Chet Childress, Jim Gagne, Omar Hassan, Salman Acah, Wade Spiver, Duane Peters, Jub, Ricky Espinoza, Pat Rakerstraw, Jhovany Vidal.

Although the whole film is excellent Jason Adams stood out for me with his smooth style and ability to pull tricks like he's asleep. Alfaro had a good part with all his tricks down smoothly in normal Alfaro manner. Duane Peters was doing some great pool action and Ragdoll was doing all sorts of different tricks like ollieing a set of stairs then fire cracking the other set, he also jumped from the top of a twelve set onto his board managing to skate away.

Black Label filmer Grant Schubert teamed up with the editing/artistic team of John Lucero and Patrick Nagy, to ensure that Black Out is rock solid. This is the 2nd full length feature film from Black Label and Forever Films.

This is what sk8 videos are all about. High energy, great music and inspiring skating. After all, why am I watching this flick if not to be motivated to go skate?!? Black Out will Stoke you to grab your ride, hit the streets and tear it up. Lucero again maintains the highest standards for his brand. Well done!

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