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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Krux's Blown Out

Krux's Blown Out DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2004
Rating: 3 Stars

Colt Cannon, Caswell Berry, Louie Barletta, Ricky Oyola, Steffan Attardo, Steve Caballero, Brian Emmers, Emmanuel Guzman, Windsor James, Dan Murphy, Tyler Hansen, Jeremiah Babb, Adrian Mallory, Nestor Judkins, Ryan Gray.

The video is filled with your local spots and your local skaters. Although the pro footage isn't anything crazy, the am footage is really good. The soundtrack is a mixture of 80's music and classic rock. The Tilt mode army (Louie Barletta, Caswell Berry, Colt Cannon, Jesse Erickson, Chris Black, and friends) opens the video with a low stressed part. The Blue Rail Blowout: these guys hit a gigantic blue rail with a ton of tricks. Next up is the 3rd part shared by Gary Collins, Matty Contreras, Phil Kent, and Jeremiah Babb. Following that part is the 4th part shared by Mike Sweet, Kenna Gallagher, Doug Des Autels, Doug Shoemaker, and Eric Schum. Sweet starts off this part with a nicely locked on long crooked grind. Check out the female abilities of Gallagher. Autels was really impressive with what looked like to be a nose-slide double heel-flip out and some sick lines.

The Blown Out Tour section with Steffan Attardo, Ryan Gray, Emanuel Guzman, and friends tear it up. After the Tour section comes another shared part with Billy Roper, Marcos Gomez, Ricky Oyola, Olly Todd, and Jake Jones. Next up we have another montage. 16 mm always adds to the artsy value. The montage blends into yet another shared part with Tyler Hansen, Brian Emmers, Sid Melvin, Tyler Tufty, Tom Krauser, and Gary Smith. Check out Emmers' switch backside nose-grind revert on the famous L.A High rail. Round 3 for the montages - another shared part with Jesse Fritsch, Steffan Attardo, Chad Tim Tim, Danny Montoya, Justin Reynolds, and Ron Whaley. This part goes by really quick because some of the riders do very few tricks.

Last we have The Savage Am part. Since there is little pro footage in this video, Krux makes up for it with great am skating. Emanuel Guzman, Dan Murphy and Nestor Judkins all come through with awesome footage. Bottom line Blown Out introduces some pretty sick skaters that you might not have heard of yet. So if you're looking for Super Pro Footage, you might not get what you want, but if you like seeing new faces, it has some really good am footage.

For those who like to occasionally change up their luncheon menu with a little PB&J action... listen up. Peanut-butter and jelly is not a substantial meal unto itself. It needs fortification. I fortify my PB&J sandwiches by making them triple-deckers. Yeah, three slices of bread. And I don't screw around either - I alternate the PB and the J so there is an even distribution of each between each of the slices. Combined with a piece of fruit and a Jolt Cola, you got a helluva meal on your hands. Don't eat ‘em too often... you're not eight years old anymore!

The Bottom Line

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