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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Sabotage

Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Sabotage - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Johnny Darrell
Studio: FUNimation Entertainment
Released: September 12, 2006
Rating: 4 Stars

Noel Callahan, Michael Dobson, Michael Donovan, Aidan Drummond, Brian Drummond, Mackenzie Grey, Tony Hawk, Scott Hyland, David Kaye, Colin Murdock, Brenna O'Brien, Nicole Oliver, David Orth, Carter West, Chiara Zanni, Alex Chalmers, Chris Haslam, Keegan Sauder, Russ Milligan, Jesse Booi, Mike Mckinlay, and Dave Priest.

Tony Hawk rendered?!?

What if a band of dark characters - from an outdated circus - came along to kidnap family-friendly skateboard icon, Tony Hawk? In the chaotic world or 2006 can we allow the wholesome Birdman to be absconded with by carnies? Will parents ban it? Good thing this is a kid's flick! And...
They're gonna love it!

Read any of the original Grimm's fairy tales - they can be horrific. Even the ultimate proprietor of family-friendliness, Disney, has created many tales with dark undertones. Tim Burton let the world know it was OK to spin a tale laden with eerie darkness and creepy facets, in the form of a fairy tale. Who else could have perfected Jack Skellington in "Nightmare Before Christmas" and then deliver Stain Boy to us?

Boom Boom Sabotage combines the eeriness of the carnies and the determination of local skate rats to create a very entertaining and often funny kid's film. Featuring both full and wide-screen options along with a host of bonus extras, this DVD will appeal to Hawk fans, little kids, aging kids (like myself) and perhaps a bland parent or two.

Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Sabotage cast

Tech & Plot

Motion capture used in Boom Boom Sabotage

Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Sabotage is a computer generated, 3D animated movie that utilizes state-of-the-art motion capture technology to directly translate the skateboarding of Tony Hawk and other professional skateboarders for their characters in the feature. Using spandex suits with transponders allowed the team to capture the actual motion of the skaters so it could be accurately translated into animation.

The movie is set in Lincolnville, a city dominated by technology where extreme sports and video games are all the rage and the circus is definitely not. This news comes much to the chagrin of a twisted circus ringleader who puts plans in motion to shut down Boom Boom HuckJam by kidnapping its headlining star, Tony Hawk. A group of young skaters unite to attempt the ultimate rescue.

The Real Skaters

Powered by the actual skating of Tony Hawk, Alex Chalmers, Chris Haslam, Keegan Sauder and Russ Milligan (with additional skating by Jesse Booi, Mike Mckinlay, and Dave Priest), the authenticity of the animated scenes really took off. Tony Hawk played himself, Chris Haslam skated as Sage and Keegan Sauder skated for the character, Jesse.

Bonus Stuff

If you're not familiar with Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huckjam and all the choreographed chaos, check out our review of the Huckjam DVD.

The Bottom Line

This flick is an excellent mix of darkness, humor and triumph revolving around a skateboard theme that was actually created with the input of a real skater. Give this DVD a try and don't forget to check out the bonus stuff with alternate views of the entire movie!

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