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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Bootleg's Side B DVD Remix

Bootleg's Side B DVD Remix - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2004
Rating: 4 Stars

Scott Kane, Pete Eldridge, Ali Cairns, Joey Brezinski, Malcolm Watson, Rob Gonzales, Jimmy Gorecki, Grant Patterson, Mike Maldonado, Ramon Black, Ryan Gee, Josh Kalis, Kerry Getz, Knox Godoy, Ali Boulala, Terell Robinson, Scott Kane and more...

As this is the "Side B Remix" DVD, the attention doesn't really seem to focus on the Bootleg team, but more upon it's mates and idols. Anyone from Ali Cairns to Joey Brezinski, passing by Malcolm Watson and Rob Gonzales are included, so it all makes for a true mixture of styles and tricks. Some people are nice to watch, like Malcolm Watson, because you realize just how good they are. Jimmy Gorecki has some sick stuff as well as new bloods Terrell Robinson and Ramon Black.

I've noticed a fad that creeps into residential yards in early December. With the onset of Christmas and all the peculiar marketing trends from icicle lights to dashing reindeer on the roof, you can't ignore a fifteen foot inflated Santa or similarly sized snowman. Complete with air compressors to keep these atrocities inflated and "dancing" in motion, you have to ask yourself, "How did this come to be?"

Naturally, one of my favorite pranks in this DVD, although a short segment, is when 2 guys invade a yard and fly-tackle several of these air-filled Xmas air bags resembling Santa Clause and snowmen.

Bonus Stuff

Scott Kane 100% Raw, Pete Eldridge 1st Rough Cut, Tony Montgomery files, Bootleg USA Film Trip, Don't Come Around Here (security guard footage), Kool Keith Interviews, and Lurkers 2 Commercial.

The Bottom Line

The rawness of this video may not appeal to everyone. It's certainly not one of those immaculately glossy features that fill the market. Rent it if you can - buy it if ya dig it.

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