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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Bam Margera's CKY (Landspeed)

Bam Margera's CKY - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Bam Margera
Studio: 10/90 Films
Released: 1999
Rating: 4 Stars

Bam Margera, Rakeyohn, Brandon Dicamillo, Chris Aspite, Kerry Getz, Chris Hanna, Phil Margera, Mike Maldonado, David Decurtis, Jess Margera, Ryan Dunn, Mark Hanna, Chris Raab, The Gill, Deron Miller.

If the financial model to success involves being more moronic than you were ten minutes prior, Bam Margera would be a millionaire. However, his antics exceed the average person's definition of moronic, hence making Bam a multi-millionaire. And power to him for it. Everyone wishes they could make a living acting like a moron. Sounds easy right?

Not so fast there, tough guy. Bam is a professional skateboarder of epic proportion. His skating talents have given him access to situations (and money) that have enabled him to amass a small fortune in the form of moronic entertainment. Damn funny entertainment at that.

Filmed in West Chester, PA prior to the release of the movie "Jackass", Bam and his merry crew treated us to a very original video. His insanity seemingly knows no limits as he and his crew ransack everything and everyone they come in contact with. Years later, it seems as if all this has been done before, but CKY was a ‘first' in many ways.

Although there is some skateboarding footage at an indoor park, this doesn't really qualify as a sk8 video. Sure, Bam is a pro skater and the DVD's original popularity came from sales in skate shops, but they need to include more skate footage to keep this disc in the Sports section of the local video retailer.

For those living under a rock who've never heard of the CKY series... Bam's brother Jess is in a band called Camp Kill Yourself (CKY) and they were used to promote the DVD and provide a soundtrack. A sound track to what? They provided musical accompaniment to some of the craziest stunts ever filmed... on a shoe-string budget.

Like a series of comedy sketches involving unwitting people in public settings, the guys set out to create uncomfortable situations and film their reactions. They go into fast food restaurants, order a tray-full of food and then trip sending the buyer and his deep fried food all over the floor. This stunt was repeated outdoors as they randomly toss objects in front of people and moving cars. But the fun doesn't stop there. Back at the drive-thru window they lob a freshly ordered soda back into the window and yell, "incoming!" Awesome stuff.

Bam enjoys singing like a retard for any passers by who will listen. If they don't listen, he simply follows them. If you've seen Jackass, check out CKY and behold the comic wisdom (and foul language) of Bam and his deviant crew.

The Bottom Line

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