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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Hook Ups' Destroying America

Hook Ups' Destroying America - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: May 22, 2001
Rating: 4 Stars

Minka, Rachel Sterling, MingTran, Bam Margera, Erik Estrada, Tony Hawk, Brandon DiCamillo, Heath Kirchart, Jeremy Klein, Dan Rogers and Willy Santos.

Heath Kirchart and Jeremy Klein are two skateboarders just out to have a good time in a race across the country. Rescued after a near death skateboarding accident, the two show off their amazing ability to cause destruction while a sinister cop, with an agenda of his own, tries to bring them down.

Hook Ups' Destroying America - DVD

This isn't your average skate video. In fact, its not really a skate video. It's more of a Hollywood-style flick with a skateboarding theme.

A funny story-line, an all-star cast (Erik Estrada, Tony Hawk, Ming Tran), and a special guest appearance by the Hook-Ups Destruction Van, makes Destroying America a helluva good movie.

Hook Ups' Destroying America - DVD

Bonus Stuff

  • Exclusive Premier Footage
  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Storyboard To Film Comparison
  • Photo Gallery
  • Cast Movies
  • Hook-Ups Graphic Gallery
  • Bonus Footage
  • Theatrical Trailers

Destroying America's Soundtrack

Section: Intro Song #1
Artist: Rob Zombie
Title: Dracula (Si Non Oscillas,Noli Tintinnare Mix)
Album: American Made Music to Strip By
Label: Interscope Records

Section: Intro Song #2
Artist: Rick James
Title: Super Freak
Album: The Ultimate Collection
Label: Motown/Pgd

Section: Hook-Ups Tour Retrospective 1995-1999
Artist: Cher
Title: If I Could Turn Back Time
Album: If I Could Turn Back Time: Greatest Hits
Label: Interscope Records

Section: Driving with Nurses
Artist: Waylon Jennings
Title: Theme from the Dukes of Hazard (Good Ol' Boys)
Album: Super Hits
Label: RCA

Artist: Killer Tracks
Title: Tis the Season

Section: At the Restaurant
Artist: Hanson
Title: Mmmbop
Album: 3 Car Garage
Label: Polygram Records

Section: TV Hall
Artist: Siouxsie and the Banshees
Title: Cities in Dust
Album: Twice Upon a Time: The Singles
Label: Geffen Records

Section: Rollerblade Freak
Artist: Jim Johnston
Title: Assman

Section: Destroying Nature
Artist: White Zombie
Title: Thunder Kiss '65
Album: La Sexorcisto-Devil Music Vol. 1
Label: Geffen Records

Section: Skating Cop's Car
Artist: Geto Boys
Title: Damn It Feels Good to Be A Gangsta
Album: Uncut Dope
Label: Virgin Records

Section: Pizza Express
Artist: Snoop Doggy Dog
Title: Gin & Juice
Album: Doggystyle
Label: Death Row

Section: Car Duell
Artist: Rhythm Heritage
Title: Theme from S.W.A.T.
Album: Deep Inside a Cop's Mind
Label: Amphetamine Reptile

Section: Arcade Hall
Artist: Danzig
Title: Mother
Album: Danzig
Label: Sony

Section: Destroying Cop Car
Artist: N.W.A.
Title: Straight Outta Compton
Album: Straight Outta Compton
Label: Priority Records

Section: Credits
Artist: David Bowie
Title: Ziggy Stardust
Album: The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust
Label: Virgin Records

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