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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Dishdogz

Dishdogz - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Mikey Hilb
Released: 2005
Rating: 3 Stars

Marshall Allman, Haylie Duff, Luke Perry, Ryan Sheckler, Tony Alva, Andy MacDonald, Art Alexakis, Jane Brucker, John Cantwell, Francis Capra, Michael Copon, Timothy Lee DePriest, Danny Gonzalez, Michelle Lombardo, Eloy Méndez, Carlos Sanz, Shane Saunders, Gomez Warren.

At first glance this looked like it would be like any other "hollywood" attempt at depicting skateboarding as a main theme in a movie. Have you seen Grind? That's the sort of crap that propels a poor image of skating in the media. What are we to think when we see 90210-boy Luke Perry above the marquee?

I could go on and on about Hollywood's desecration of skateboarding over the years, but hold up - this is actually a pretty good movie. At this point you have every right to think I'm full of it. However this flick really tries to portray skateboarding, skaters and pros in a good light. Sure there is the requisite amount of fluff and idiocy (what Hollywood believes is comedy) but they stay pretty true to skateboarding - for a Hollywood-generated flick.

Dishdogz Skateboarding

Haylie Duff with stunt double and pro skater Holly Lyons

Andy MacDonald tears up the vert ramp, Ryan Sheckler takes to the street course and Tony Alva skates abandoned pools with Perry's character. But what about Haylie Duff the skater? Her stunt double is women's pro skater Holly Lyons (seen at right with Duff). For what it's worth, Holly is much cuter than Haylie, but it's really Hillary Duff who's the star of the Duff clan.

This flick mixes in enough decent skating to carry the movie through, but if its skateboarding you crave, go watch a skate flick produced by a skate company.

Dishdogz Plot

The basic plot is the lead character, "kevin", is sent off to pick oranges as a summer job. He leaves it when he discovers a nearby skate camp in need of a dish washer under head-cook, Luke Perry. He discovers skating hottie, Haylie Duff works at the camp too. Mix in the formation of a few odd friendships and cameos by Tony Alva, Ryan Sheckler and Andy MacDonald and you've got Dishdogz - the name given to the dishwashers who skate in their off-time.

The movie tries to drill into the viewer that skateboarding is pure and for fun not profit. Naturally we're dealt some cheese in the form of Michelle Lombardo's role as Nurse Hatcher. She's supposed to be the resident sex-pot although she seemed pretty unconvincing. Then there's the revelation that Luke Perry was once a renown pro skater who became dissatisfied with the industry and became the cook at the skate camp.

Don't confuse Dishdogz with similarly titled schlock, "Dish Dogs" a 2000 release with Sean Astin, a surfing theme and Shannon Elizabeth playing the role of a stripper - a more alluring alternative to Haylie as a skater.

Closer look at Haylie Duff

Haylie Duff

Haylie is an actress and singer best known for her supporting role on 7th Heaven as well as starring in the film Napoleon Dynamite. However she has followed in her younger sister's footsteps careerwise. Savvy photographers know that the elder Ms. Duff is best photographed from certain angles to maximize her hot-factor.

Appearing on the cover of the January 2006 Maxim Magazine proved she's got the look... you just have to look longer to bring it out. The box cover for Dishdogz is another example of finding the "right angle" compared to seeing her on-screen.

If she could maintain this Jennifer Love Hewitt look (at left) she'd be unstoppable!

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