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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Zero's Dying To Live

Zero's Dying To Live - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Five Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2002
Rating: 5 Stars

Jamie Thomas, Adrian Lopez, Matt Mumford, John Rattray, Chris Cole, Ryan Smith, Jon Allie, Ryan Bobier and Lindsey Robertson

DTL includes one of the most amazing well-rounded friends section in video history. Zero went around the world filming for this video and has some especially good footage from Barcelona, Spain.

Jon Allie starts things off with a bang and is without a doubt one of the best handrail skaters out there with a great style in his bag. John Rattray is up second and he has one of the most natural, original styles seen in a video in quite sometime. Taking off third spot is Matt Mumford and has a well-rounded part and is bringing pool skating back to the level it needs to be. Now pool skating is definitely making a comeback and it was nice to see in this video. Ryan Bobier launches off fourth and wraps things up in a fast motion, while having progressed a lot since his last Zero part. Adrian Lopez is up 5th at the plate and has some unique stuff and definitely stepped up half cab boardslides.

Next up is Lindsey Robertson with a very unique first video part. It was quite mind blowing, throwing down some of the most amazing hammers I have ever seen. Ryan Smith is coming up with some hardcore bangers and is definitely representing in the U.S. Chris Cole came across with a really breathtaking part in this video and is progressing in many different aspects of skateboarding.

The only downside, which I harp on in most reviews, is that they don't let you meet the individuals. I know we all want to watch kick-ass skating, but these guys lead fascinating lives full of great stories. Showcase the team as people and pro skaters. There was so much hype behind this release, I was sort of surprised they didn't capitalize more on the flames and skull marketing campaign.

Dying To Live Soundtrack

Section: Intro
Artist: The Who
Title: Won't Get Fooled Again
Album: Kids Are Alright Soundtrack
Label: Mca Records

Section: Jon Allie
Artist: Slayer
Title: Tormentor
Album: Show No Mercy
Label: Metal Blade

Section: John Rattray
Artist: Proclaimers
Title: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Album: The Best of...
Label: Capitol

Section: Matt Mumford
Artist: Queen
Title: One Vision
Album: The Platinum Collection: Greatest Hits Vol.1, 2 & 3
Label: Hollywood Records

Section: Ryan Bobier
Artist: The Adverts
Title: One Chord Wonders
Album: Crossing the Red Sea
Label: Fire Records

Section: Friends
Artist: Neil Young
Title: Rockin' in the Free World
Album: Freedom
Label: Warner Brothers

Section: Adrian Lopez
Artist: Gipsy Kings
Title: Djobi, Djoba
Album: The Best of the Gipsy Kings
Label: Nonesuch

Section: Lindsey Robertson #1
Artist: Bob Marley
Title: Simmer Down
Album: Songs of Freedom
Label: Polygram Records

Section: Lindsey Robertson #2
Artist: Jefferson Airplane
Title: White Rabbit
Album: Surrealistic Pillow
Label: Rca

Section: Ryan Smith
Artist: Nirvana
Title: Territorial Pissings
Album: Nevermind
Label: Geffen Records

Section: Chris Cole
Artist: Styx
Title: Renegade
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: A&M Records

Section: Jamie Thomas #1
Artist: Ennio Morricone
Title: Trio (Main Title)
Album: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Soundtrack
Label: Capitol

Section: Jamie Thomas #2
Artist: Rush
Title: The Temples of Syrinx
Album: 2112
Label: Polygram Records
Section: Jamie Thomas #3
Artist: Metallica
Title: Ecstacy of Gold
Album: S&M Live
Label: Elektra / Asylum

Section: Slams
Artist: Lard
Title: Forkboy
Album: Last Temptation of Reid
Label: Alternative Tentacles

Section: Credits
Artist: Archers of Loaf
Title: White Trash Heroes
Album: White Trash Heroes
Label: Alias Records

Section: Outro
Artist: Derek & The Dominos
Title: Layla
Album: Layla
Label: Polygram Records

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