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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Escapist's Fourteen Deep

Escapist's Fourteen Deep - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: May 2008
Rating: 4 Stars

Sean Malto, Ryan Pearce, Max Chilen, Tyshuan Johnson, Joseph Lopez, Rod Harper, Dillon Aguilar, JW Hall, Arthur Dachiardi, Ernie Torres, Garrett Olinger, Connor McCroskey, Mike Webb and Justin Hackel.

Here's a skate shop video with a lot more gusto and footy than most shop vids. Escapist was founded in 2000 by skateboarders Dan Askew, Adrian Frost and Nick Owen. Their goal was to bring attention to long overlooked Kansas City skateboard scene - a goal fleshed out in their skate vid, Fourteen Deep. Their team of 14 - get it? Fourteen Deep - includes a roster of known and unknown skaters with a slew of top-notch sponsors. Just because you don't recognize all the names, all those sponsors have to add up to something, right? Hell yeah.

Rider's Sponsors - Fourteen Deep

  • Sean Malto (Girl/Etnies/Fourstar/Thunder/Spitfire am)
  • Ryan Pearce (Enjoi/DVS/Matix/Destructo flow)
  • Max Chilen (Toy Machine/Adio flow)
  • Tyshuan Johnson (Mystery/Etnies flow)
  • Joseph Lopez (Toy Machine/RVCA/Nike SB flow)
  • Rod Harper (Zoo/Fallen flow)

Two years in the making, Fourteen Deep is a damn good flick with parts from all their riders and a large selection of bonus stuff to boot. They're doing their best to jam the Kansas City skateboard scene onto the map. Along with their pro riders, Fourteen Deep also features a friends section with other KC rippers and a ton of bonus material, including young Malto footage, bonus parts for most of the team, 20 minute promo video, owners part, slideshows, trailers and a bunch of other stuff worth checking out. 40 minutes in all, Fourteen Deep should be on your shopping list right under beer and hookers.

Unlike many folks, I'm biased toward shop vids - I love ‘em! I grow tired of the same people and same spots/locations. The trade-off is usually that shops can't afford to put out the same level of quality you find from the major brands. Escapist breaks that mold by putting out a flick with great skating, originality, cool bonus features and a roster of new faces that you'll see in the "up and coming" sections of the trades.

Public schools aren't what they used to be - what is these days - so don't be discouraged if you can't find KC on a map. Fourteen Deep is available on their web site. Strangely, I found a copy at my local shop on Cape Cod. Good stuff travels. Buy a copy!

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