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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Powell's Fun

Powell's Fun - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Deville Nunes
Released: May 2009
Rating: 3 Stars

Jordan Hoffart, John White, Josh Hawkins, Dallas Rockvam, Derek Elmendorf, Ben Hatchell, Aldrin Garcia and more...

If you're going to put nine years between video releases and title your video, "Fun", it had damn well better be fun. Fortunately for Powell, this is indeed a fun video. Not as much fun as an old Bones Brigade flick, but the Powell of today is abscent of the Peralta part of the equation that revolutionized skate videos. Although rumor has it Stacy may return to put out special editions of all the remaining Bones Brigade vids.

In 1978 George Powell teamed up with Stacy Peralta. Peralta was a big name in skateboarding and took over team management and advertising. In 1979 they created a skateboarding team called the Bones Brigade, which included many of the best skateboarders of the era. Powell Peralta developed a signature art style with a skeleton motif and their artwork stood out in the market.

Arguably, they were the most popular skateboarding company in terms of deck and wheel sales throughout the 1980s, producing the now famous Tony Hawk Iron Cross deck as well as the McGill Skull and Snake; Caballero Dragon; Lance Mountain Future Primitive graphics and the Ray Underhill cross graphic along with continuing to produce Bones wheels. Powell Peralta went on to produce the Bones Brigade videos which became some of the most influential skateboarding videos of the era.

Josh Hawkins gets thing started with the opening part in Powell's 35-minute Fun dvd. All the rider parts are good and each contains guest riders, friends or whatever you choose to call them. This is your standard good skate vid and I recommend it, but Powell's history kind of catches up with them for those who were down in the Powell Peralta days.

Stacy revolutionized the format of the skateboard video with the Bones Brigade crew. They broke the mold and created unique fun videos that were much more than a series of rider parts strung together. Good skateboarding is good skateboarding, but we've become used to getting 30 minute DVDs consisting of rider parts - one after the next. We need and deserve in injection of fun (and wouldn't Powells Fun DVD be a good place to start?) that re-ignites history when Powell Peralta was making history with each release.

Skate vids are not merely marketing tools for skate companies, they should provide entertainment and stoke the viewer to go skate (possibly on a Powell board). Fun is definitely a good skatebaord flick, but I want more from the company that pioneered skate vids... even if half the equation (Peralta) is missing. Go have some fun and then buy a copy of Fun. George Powell will thank you.

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