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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Tony Hawk's Gigantic Skatepark Tour 2000 (Season 1)

Tony Hawk's Gigantic Skatepark Tour 2000 DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Studio: 900 Films
Released: 2000
Rating: 3 Stars

Tony Hawk, Kris Markovich, Andrew Reynolds, Willy Santos, Jason Ellis, Mike Escamilla, Bam Margera, Brian Sumner, Danny Way, Anthony Furlong, Bucky Lasek, and Matt Hoffman, Sal Masekela, Barry Zaritzky and Robert Earl.

This will be the best 6 hours of skate footage you'll likely see for a long time. Tony Hawk knows how to put on a show and entertain. His Gigantic Skatepark Tours are known for mixing personal introspection with a ton of skating. Since they are doing demos at different parks each time, you don't get that overly polished performance that seems like it was done 50 times until perfect. You see a lot of good skating and mediocre skating.

In the end, you'll feel satisfied with all you've been exposed to. Each stop is different and the riders emotions show as the tour progresses. On the days off, the whole crew invades different places and we get to see them as humans, not just skaters. They have lives too, ya know.

I have to harp on the navigation on this DVD. both the first and second seasons had horrible navigation. It wasn't until the third season's DVD that you could choose the individual parks and bonus segments. The way this DVD is laid out, it's hard to return to parts you want to see again. That sucks. Other than that, this is an awesome DVD filled with great skating and diversity. It's refreshing to see a skate video like this that isn't simply a series of handrail stunts spliced together.

This is way better than watching them hour by hour on ESPN... with a ton of commercials and none of the extra footage.


Tour Stops

Bonus Stuff

Remember - this list of bonus vignettes is one long segment on the DVD. You can't select the ones you want to watch. The good news is they kind of suck, so if you skip ‘em you won't miss much.

The Bottom Line

You have to watch this DVD! Whether you decide to buy it or not may rest with the ease of watching your favorite parts again. I found the lack of navigation very irritating in the digital age of DVD. There's no excuse for not making each event a selectable chapter.

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