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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Consolidated's Goin' Bananas

Consolidateds Goin Bananas DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Four Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2007
Rating: 4 Stars

Karma, Tanner Zelinsky, Sean Gutierrez, Olly Tyreman, Maru, Ben Raemers, Abe Olague, Lee Berman, Bailey, Colin Lambert, Jose Noro, Jonah Dolese, Kyle Berard, Mike Peterson and Roberto Aleman.

Consolidated Skateboards has one of the most renown logos in the skate industry and are savvier than most other companies - just check out the Don't Do It Army. These guys have the balls to do it right and speak out about those who don't (don't mess with Birdo). So it should be no surprise that Goin' Bananas is a kick-ass video.

Staying with their usual form, Goin' Bananas is full of humorous skits, great skating and a lot of cool bonus features. The fun-factor starts right on the intro menu screen. As you toil over the track selections, someone sings in monotone about the boring intro screen that will repeat over and over until you make up your mind. It's nice to find someone clever enough to come up with that sort of thing.

At 45 minutes - plus a ton of bonus stuff - Goin' Bananas gives you more than enough sk8 to get you stoked to go out and ride. And when you get frustrated bailing onto your ass, check out the Land-a-trick skit. The Consolidated medical staff has you covered.

The individual rider parts are awesome and cover a lot of unique terrain that isn't just a rehash of every spot you see in sk8 vids. The friends section rounds out the crew along with a Team section. Check out the Sonora Trip in the bonus area and see how much fun it is to shoot semi-automatic weapons after a good skate sesh. I guess they roll with more that just skateboards in the trunk.

Bang bang, dudes.

Buy this dvd and go bananas!

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