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Skateboarding DVD Video Review: Grind

Grind Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review One Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Casey La Scala
Studio: Warner Brothers
Released: 2003
Rating: 1 Star

Mike Vogel, Vince Vieluf, Joey Kern, Adam Brody, Jennifer Morrison, Jason London, Summer Altice, Bam Margera, Erin Murphy, Lindsay Felton, Baron La Scala, Stephen Root, Christopher McDonald, Brian Posehn, Jason Acuņa, Donte Calarco, Olanna Taskey, Chad Fernandez, Alfred Briere, Ehren McGhehey, Jake Muxworthy, Julia Lee, Shonda Farr, Bob Goldthwait, Ryan Sheckler, Brandon Smith, Dylan Rieder, Donald Gibb, Bucky Lasek, Preston Lacy, Rolando Molina, Christine Estabrook, Randy Quaid, David Bowe, Tom Green, Dalene Kurtis, Dave Foley, Shazia, Mike Carter, Shane Hunter, Mercedes Brito, Rick Martins, Sasha Jenson, Matt Troup, Sunrise Adams, Cryss Adeff, Shari Eckert, Marc S. Gordon, Kalina Gutierrez, Annabelle Gutman, Kane Hodder, Christina Leigh, Colleen Lobelle, Karen McDougal, Samantha Schacher, Paige Stark, Brian Sumner and Mike Vallely.

I wish I could resist films like this. Thankfully I didn't waste money in a theater to see it, but I'm drawn to crappy concept films - especially when skateboarding is the theme. It just seems as if such a flick should be good, and therefore will be. Even when sprinkled with a few good looking girls, the concept fails. Hollywood just doesn't understand street culture. To them, skateboarding and the circus are one in the same. Ugh!

This sort of group image kind of says it all: "We suck and so does this movie".

While the rest of his high school graduating class is heading to college, skateboarder Eric Rivers (MIKE VOGEL) and his best friends, Dustin (ADAM BRODY), a goal-oriented workaholic, and misfit slacker Matt (VINCE VIELUF) have one last summer roadtrip together to follow their dream of getting noticed by the professional skateboarding world - and getting paid to skate.

When skating legend Jimmy Wilson's (JASON LONDON) skate demo tour hits town, the boys figure that as soon as he sees their fierce tricks, he'll sign them up for his renowned skate team immediately. Unfortunately, the guys are intercepted by Jimmy's road manager (DAVE FOLEY) and they can't get their foot in the door, much less their boards. But they do get some free advice: keep skating, stay true to yourself, and stay in the game - if you're good, you'll get noticed.

Following their dream - and Jimmy's national tour - Eric, Dustin and Matt start their own skate team, reluctantly sponsored by Dustin and his college fund. After recruiting laid-back ladies man Sweet Lou (JOEY KERN) to join their crew and provide the wheels for their tour, team "Super Duper" launches the ride of their lives in an outrageous road trip from Chi-town to Santa Monica.

Filming Locations: Los Angeles, Santa Monica Beach and Santa Monica.

Thinking back on this flick... were these chicks even in the thing? If they were, they were eminently forgetable - which is a shame when a movie experience leaves me so devoid of feeling. Even putting porn star Sunrise Adams in the mix didn't register. Hey, it could have been worse. At the end of it, though, I felt glad.

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