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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Bam Margera's Haggard

Haggard - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Director: Bam Margera
Studio: 411 Studios
Released: September 9, 2003
Rating: 3 Stars

Ryan Dunn, Brandon Dicamillo, Bam Margera, Jennifer Rivell, Rakeyohn, Dave Battaro, Ann Marie Esposito, Brandon Novak, Chris Raab, Jess Margera, Phil Margera, Mark Hanna, David Decurtis, Mike Maldonado, Vincent Margera, Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Derrek Krasauscus, Jason Ellis, Ryan Gee, Buddy Bill, Naked Dave, Gunner, Olivia Hammond, Angie Cuturic, Missy Rothstein, Tim O'Conner, Chad Keeton, Alex Moul, Deron Miller, Chad Ginsburg, Vern Zaborowski, Chris Aspite, Dennis Costello, Matt Costello, Jim Schneider, Josh Ball, Cheri Slider, Eric Weiss, Mike Holman, April Margera, Ville Valo.

The best way to initiate a slogan or colloquialism into the public domain is to use it within your circle of friends, then use it as the title of your first feature length movie about a girl who gets fingered at the beach by a guy named Hellboy.

Ryan Dunn (played by himself) is one sorry SOB; he's completely hung up on Glauren (Jenn Rivell), his ex-girlfriend, even though she's out playing the field. Rumor spreads that she's hooked up with heavy metal's poster child, aptly named Hellboy (Rake Yohn). Ryan can't stand the thought of the two of them together, so he recruits his friends Valo (Bam Margera) and Falcone (Brandon DiCamillo) to find out the truth. The pair do whatever it takes to get their evidence, even break into her house. In the meantime Ryan flirts with insanity, has run-ins with the law and even gets stabbed in the eye with a fork as his friends try relentlessly to help him forget the girl. Haggard also features special appearances by professional skateboarders Tony Hawk, Jason Ellis and Bucky Lasek.

Bam takes a break from doing CKY stunts and puts together the semblance of a real movie... complete with a plot and everything. Loosely based on the love life of Ryan Dunn, Haggard stumbles down its own path without any regard for Hollywood or film making in general. Bam is free to do anything he wants... including having his real-life girlfriend (wife?) Jenn Rivell get slutty and topless. She's a team player!

A priceless aspect to such a film being made by a professional skateboarder is Bam knows other skateboarders who can do all sorts of odd cameos. The best are Tony Hawk playing a cop and Jason Ellis as the angry record store clerk who beats the hell outta Hellboy. Classic scenes.

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