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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:Transworld's In Bloom

Transworld's In Bloom DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: 2002
Rating: 3 Stars

Evan Hernandez, Tony Trujilo, Mike Taylor, Chris Cole, Paul Rodriguez and Alex Gall.

Anyone who's familiar with Transworld's work knows what to expect from them by now. So don't go hoping for something different, because this one fits into the same mold they've been using. The video is done in the usual half-documentary, half-skate video style. Each skater is discussed by big names like Jamie Thomas and Eric Koston, but this doesn't mean these intros are boring or repetitive.

Each one gives a unique reflection of the skater, some funny, others philosophical. In terms of skating, Tony Trujillo's part is inspiring and gets you psyched to skate. That man has no fear, endless style, and a trick for every spot as Mötley Crüe plays in the background. Chris Cole's, part definitely contains some rewind-and-lemme-see-that-again tricks and Alex Gall's. Mike Taylor grinds, although slowly, some insanely long rails.

Also be prepared for the return of a bails section that is not for the squeamish and many familiar faces in the various nicely composed montages. There's a short "arty" segment shot on 16mm which saves us from the warped view of fish-eye lenses. This video is nothing really ground breaking, but not bad at either.

Every now and then I like to view that famous blurry image of Bigfoot (the sasquatch, not the truck) lumbering through a pacific northwest forrest. After staring at it for a few hours, I wonder what it would be like to track an overgrown flea-bag for the purposes of creating a documentary film that would help support my habit of buying too many sk8 videos. I also wonder why the "sharpen" filter in PhotoShop doesn't clear up any of the mystery surrounding this beast/guy-in-an-ape-suit. When putting all this in perspective, I realize I liked In Bloom more than I realized.

Bonus Stuff

Raw footage, Skid Row, Doger Bowl, New Zealand and the In Bloom trailer.

In Bloom's Soundtrack

Section: Intro
Artist: Alex Moul
Title: Transworld

Section: Chris Cole Intro
Artist: Alex Moul
Title: World Wide

Section: Chris Cole
Artist: The Misfits
Title: Die, Die My Darling
Album: Earth A.D./ Die, Die My Darling
Label: Caroline Records

Section: 16mm Montage
Artist: The Album Leaf
Title: The MP
Album: One Day I'll Be on Time
Label: Tiger Style Records

Section: Evan Hernandez
Artist: Mr. Lil One
Title: Suppose To feat. Sneek
Album: Tha 13th Skorn
Label: East Side Records

Section: Paul Rodriguez
Title: Mophono Aka Benji

Section: Mike Taylor
Artist: Alf Diggi
Title: The Heist
Label: L4L Records

Section: Slam Montage
Artist: M3
Title: When the Hammer Falls

Section: Video Montage
Artist: Pinback
Title: Prog
Album: Blue Screen Life
Label: Ace Fu Records

Section: Alex Gall
Artist: Slayer
Title: Aggressive Perfector
Album: Reign in Blood
Label: Metal Blade Records

Section: Tony Trujillo Intro
Artist: Jesse Fritsch & Josh Vargo
Title: Welcome to the Show

Section: Tony Trujillo
Artist: Motley Crue
Title: Kickstart My Heart
Album: Dr. Feelgood
Label: Beyond Records

Section: Credits #1
Artist: The Shins
Title: Sphagnum Esplanade
Album: Know Your Onion!
Label: Sub Pop Records

Section: Credits #2
Artist: Atiba Jefferson
Title: Threepeat

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