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Skateboarding DVD Video Review:iPath's Summer Preview 2005

Santa Cruz's Wheels of Fire - DVD Skateboarding Snowboarding skateboard snowboard DVD Video Review Three Star skateboard DVD review rating

Released: July 2005
Rating: 3 Stars

Jack Sabback, Matt Field, Tim O'Connor, Fred Gall, Quim Cardona, Bobby Puleo, Jon Newport, Danny Renaud, Nate Jones, Kenny Reed, Tony Cox, Ocean Howell, Barker Barrett & the ipath staff, Nilton Neves, Adelmo Jr, Karl Watson, Jake Rupp, Corey Sheppard, Matt Pailes and Matt Rodriguez.

Oh no, not another preview disc. Yes, Another preview disc review.
But, Why?
Because it must be done.

Actually, there's little point in reviewing free pack-in DVDs, but we get a kick out of doing so anyway. Where else can you get a glimpse - and we mean "glimpse" at only 20 minutes in length - of a whole slew of pro skaters all on one DVD? You could argue that any sk8 video would do the same - and you'd almost be right, but this is a great disc to toss on just before heading out for a session.

Even though each part is way too short, there is some great skating buried in here. And it's free - a fact that should not be glossed over. Subscribing to sk8 magazines is a great way to get free promo discs included with many of the summer issues.

I guess we should also confess that this is really a "shop disc" in the sense that there are no DVD controls - just pop it in and sit back. If it puts you to sleep, you may ultimately realize that it loops over and over. Which brings up another use for such a disc...

Say you're winding down from a long afternoon session and the crew is coming back to your place to chill for a while (aka - slam beers and break your stuff). You'll want to blast some music, but how about a sk8 video in the background to keep the vibe going? Turn off the sound, crank your stereo and let this puppy play with no worries about changing discs to keep the sk8-thang going. If anyone complains that it's looping, they're not drinking enough and should be sent out on a re-stocking run.

Check it out, then go skate!

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